Why Eco Clothing for Breastfeeding Moms

I am proud to say that I am a new Mom and also proud to say that I am really beginning to master this new role in life. Of course like all Mom’s I want to be the best there is, so during my entire pregnancy I read everything I possibly could about having and raising a baby. I also wanted to buy the best of everything when it came to clothing and that included my breastfeeding attire. During all of this I made a very startling discovery about the importance of Eco clothing for breastfeeding moms.

Now I have to somewhat guiltily admit I have never been one that is into the “going green scene”, but I feel that I do my share by being conservative with energy and recycling, but when it came to the Eco clothing I never ever gave it a thought.

So why should I consider Eco clothing now? Well I soon discovered several reasons. Actually I was looking for clothing for breastfeeding moms, when I came across this line of Eco clothing for breastfeeding moms, and the fact that it was Eco caught my attention. I was wondering if it was something that was going to be beneficial for my new little one when she arrived. So I decided to check out what this clothing was all about.

I thought that during my research I was going to find tons of information about how Eco clothing was going to prevent all types of illness, but that’s not what I found. I discovered that the importance and focus on this type of clothing is for the benefit of the earth. For example with organic cotton. it is environmentally friendly because of the way it is grown and processed. This causes less damage to the earth. So the way I see it, is if I buy this type of clothing then I am doing my part for the earth.

This makes great sense and sort of makes me feel good about myself. I continued to think about it though and discovered something even more. In case you haven’t guessed I am an analytical thinker, so I have to know everything about being a new mom, now I have to know more about this Eco breastfeeding clothing.  There had to be more benefits to it, and I was right. Here is what I figured out…

Less chemical exposure for my baby

I had already heard that people breathe in all kinds of chemicals from materials in clothing, furniture etc. I just learned that organic cotton is grown with no chemicals. Now that has impact at least for me. Naturally when you are breast feeding, the baby is very close to the clothing being worn by Mom. So if wearing Eco breastfeeding clothing means my baby is breathing in less chemicals then I am all for it.

Investment in my baby’s future

Okay I have already talked about how this clothing makes me feel good about what I am doing for the environment BUT… I suddenly realized I am investing in my baby’s future. By doing what I can now to help the earth means it is going to be a much better place for my child to grow up in and raise her family.

Supporting the efforts

My final thought was, I was really glad that I came across an online store that cared enough to offer me these opportunities. By offering me Eco breastfeeding clothing it gives me all these benefits that I have just outlined. It also gave me piece of mind knowing that I had come across a place where I could figure that whatever I bought was going to be as safe as possible for both my new little girl and me.

This blog post was written by Lior who works with Milk Nursingwear, a nursing wear brand.

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