Back To School Prep

With the end of summer hot on our heels, sending the kids back to school is drawing near. With late summer nights and playtime galore, most kids will fair better if they have time to adjust back to a “school schedule”.

Try to gradually get them used to their old school routine a couple of weeks before school actually begins. A good way to accomplish this is by slowly working their bedtime schedule back a bit and moving their morning time up a bit.

You might try to set “bedtime and lights out” for 15 minutes earlier a couple of nights, followed by 30 minutes earlier for a few nights, followed by 45 minutes for a few nights and then an hour earlier. At the same time, the morning schedule may need to be adjusted as well if your kids are late risers. Try the same approach as above getting them up 15 minutes earlier than their normal waking schedule for a couple of mornings, followed by 30 minutes earlier for a few mornings and continuing the same way as you would for the evening.

Try to keep evening activity low-key and moderately mellow. Have the kids start taking their baths well in advance of their bedtime schedule. With all of the weaning of summer taking place in this manner the transition from summertime play to back to school should be smooth sailing.

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