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With the economic struggles that many people are having these days they are attempting to find ways to pick up an extra few dollars here and there. After working 40 hours a week at their “regular” full-time jobs, nobody relishes the idea of working a second job outside of their homes if they can avoid it.

Participating in an online survey is one way to pick up extra cash. You will not become wealthy doing this, but you can pick up some pocket change. You may even get some extra prizes as well if you are fortunate enough.

How do you know that the company is legitimate though? Before you sign up for any companies, do a search about them. If the majority of the people are saying that they are not being paid, you should not sign up there, obviously. If the survey site looks pretty good, then go for it.

You should read what other people have to say about the company prior to signing up. One fantastic website where you can search on many of the companies is Survey Police. They will give you the scoop on the most popular websites. To view what survey participants have to say check out

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