Children Specific Retail Environments

Shopping for our children has become one of the hardest tasks for a parent these days. There are so many recalls from our once trusted name brands that most of us do not know where to turn.

I have been looking into a few things that are important to me and my family. One is that it has to be eco-friendly and/or organic. Two is that is has to be made here in the United States. Why did I choose these two guidelines you ask? I chose them, because they both have strict laws that they have to abide by to carry the titles of organic and Made in the USA.

Finding these types of products has become a movement in our society and where there is a demand soon there is a place to fill our needs. The stores listed below are just a few that have stepped up to the plate and are delivering us products above and beyond our expectations.

The Little Seed

A one stop shop for everything eco-friendly. They specialize in hippy styled clothes and toys. This company has gone out of its way to carry only non-toxic products. Their gift basket section is one of the best I have seen for baby shower gifts. They also provide a private breastfeeding area, diaper changing station, and a craft section for children to play while you shop.

Hop Scotch Children’s Store

A children’s store that offers locally made products in order to support their community pride. They have many “Made in the USA” products listed on their webpage. The Activity Attacher is a must have for any child. It attaches to any handle, including stroller, and has fun activities to keep your bundle of joy amused for hours. This product is organic and washable. They also offer informative workshops in house.

The Giggling Green Bean

The Giggling Green Bean (formally known as the Denver Diaper Company) mainly sells local and organic baby products. This company’s claim to fame is “having the largest selection of cloth diapers in the Denver Metro”.


Belly Laf has a very functional bath product line to help you bathe your child. One of these interesting products is the Grippees Mitts. They help you to hold on to your child while bathing them so they don’t slip from your hands. They also have a few more products worth looking into. Belly Laf is committed to the environment and to creating human friendly products.

All-American Baby

The All-American Baby website has furniture, lighting, toys, clothing, and accessories all “Made in the USA”. Support America by purchasing only “Made in the USA” products. This company carries beautifully crafted handmade wooden toys that will unleash your child’s imagination.

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