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It is that time of year again. Students are grabbing backpacks and heading off to school each morning. High Schoolers have their new look for the year and undergrads are still trying to get the class schedules they need. Good study skills are needed by both groups.

The list that is included here is filled with amazing sites with a range of study tips to help students take advantage of their study time.

Using study tips targeted for the appropriate learning style is a topic addressed by some of these fine sites. Studying this way will help scholars recall the material better at test time, and be able to also make the most of the social side that those school years bring.

Comprehensive Study Tips Sites

http://www.howtostudy.org/ Let this site convince your students to study with their review of the significance of studying. This is a site where your helps can be documented, so distribute what works for you with the world by going to their ‘write’ sector.

http://www.studyguidezone.com/resource_tips.htm You’ll have contact with absolutely tons of information on this site. Learn critical thinking techniques, ways to do better on tests, find hints on technology, science, and writing in their user friendly categories.

http://www.studytips.org/ Study aids for your specific needs are practically guaranteed here. It does not matter whether you’ll be taking the TOEFL Test or even the Wonderlic Exam, you will find your valuable help on this all-inclusive testing site.

http://www.studygs.net/ Contributing assistance to pupils in 30+ languages, this website will help you with your time management struggles by teaching you to schedule and prioritize your time.  Learn more about collaborative clusters and see if the group learning style is best for you.  Discover more reading strategies, research tips, and writing pointers. This site is complete, so just keep on looking, you’re certain to get a response to your study predicament here.

http://www.dartmouth.edu/~acskills/success/study.html While this site is tailored to the needs of Dartmouth students specifically, there are useful tips to be gleaned by everyone. It does list Hanover-specific references regarding the maps, but the articles about memory and concentration will help each person getting used to the difference between getting good grades in high school and being an outstanding scholar in college.

http://www.testtakingtips.com/study/index.htm This concise article, offered to you in a handy PDF format, will give you a good place to start for your goal to be a better student this school year.

http://www.cod.edu/people/faculty/fancher/study.htm Here you get precise do’s and don’ts for the typical student to become a better studier. Obtain tips for using your textbook to maximum advantage, getting your homework done quickly and effectively and even more here.

http://homeworktips.about.com/ So much information is accessible in about.com posts, so don’t’ miss out on this one. It can help you to adopt much better study habits. If you don’t find your question addressed here, go to the various topics that branch from this page: Time Management, Teamwork, Bibliography and Citations, Learning Skills, Writing Essays, Tips by Subject, Research Papers, Research Tools & Techniques, Grades, School Tests and School Supplies.

http://www.academictips.org/ This site caters to the needs of high school students and college students as well. Learn various life skill tips that will help beyond course studies. Find hints for traveling, best practices for credit card use and better ways to save your money.  There is a bunch of practical information here to help anyone who is on the journey to adulthood.

Making a home a haven for good scholars is the focus of this website. Glean no-nonsense, simple aids and ideas to help your children learn to love the learning process.

Here you’ll get 11 extremely useful aids to help you be a better scholar. This sensible advice about not taking on too much, yet still doing enough, will be welcome to any and all attempting to learn how to manage their hours in and out of classtime.

Learning Style Studying (Find out what kind of learner you are and match your study skills to your learning style)

http://www.alamo.edu/sac/history/keller/accditg/ssls.html Verify your particular learning style so that you will know just how you can be taught. As soon as you know if you are auditory, visual, or kinesthetic, you will realize how to mark successful study tips to truly help you associate and recall important facts. You can choose to be part of their scientific study if you decide to post your results to the email address given. Now that is an unlooked for bonus!

http://www.bucks.edu/~specpop/Actfrm.htm Find a far-reaching list of helpful websites to study more about all sorts of subjects in the learning arena.

http://academic.cuesta.edu/acasupp/as/207.HTM The site introduction runs like this: “The main reason we forget something is because we never really learned it in the first place.” Be shown even more tips about catering your studying to your own style of learning with this beneficial site.

http://amby.com/educate/learning.html Investigate your learning style in depth with the data given for your benefit here. Learn what the Discovery Wheel is and become familiar with the Interactive Time Chart to really help you cement your learning. Included in the information is an assortment of books to teach you a great deal many issues connected to learning styles.

http://www.educationworld.com/students/study/index.shtml Who knew there was a cyber study hall?  Learn about it on this website. Be more aware of the tools offered by online libraries , virtual high schools, and the most helpful encyclopedias  online.

http://www.kidzworld.com/article/2666-brushing-up-on-your-study-skills This site is geared for the beginning student. Get an introduction to fundamental study skills and routines from reading aloud to flash cards with the advice here.

http://www.homeworkandstudyskills.com/studylinks.html Be introduced to a huge number of sites with handy information for you.  All sites are classified in simple categories to condense the time it will take you to the best site to suit your needs.

If all else fails, hire a tutor.

Tutor Sites:

http://www.premiumtutor.com/ Track down the perfect tutor for your needs. You can search by subject or geographical location with this serviceable tutoring website. If all the study tips are not enough for a specific subject, you will find their listing of tutors invaluable to help get you through that hard to pass course.

http://www.tutorvista.com/ Find assistance for a number of subjects with the tutors featured here.  You can look up the general topic you are trying to master or go straight to the precise theory or question.  How’s that for service? Having trouble mastering the rules of factoring polynomials? Just click on the link and find help. Choose from a vast number of supports to help you get the grade you desire.

http://www.clubztutoring.com/ Club Z is an official provider of Supplemental Educational Services for more than 40 states in the U.S. Therefore, because of the No Child Left Behind Act, Club Z is capable of giving no charge tutoring services to pupils from qualifying schools.

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