Preparing For The Fall – Time For A Theme Change

Fall brings cooler weather, two holidays that have their own decorating themes (Halloween and Thanksgiving) and the energy to do it all because much of the oppressive summer heat has gone. Executing your theme change from summer to fall doesn’t have to be expensive, however, especially if you follow these tips:

So what can I do to save?

1. If you’re tired of using the same decorations you use every year, or if you still want to use them, but are looking for different ways to do so, then there’s hope! Instead of going out and buying all new stuff, look for ways to reuse the things you have for fun home projects.

2. Figure out ways to combine decorations to use at both Halloween and Thanksgiving. For example, go ahead and set out your Thanksgiving cornucopia in October before Halloween, but fill it with small pumpkins or you can use a pumpkin to make your cornucopia.

3. For outside decorations, use hay bales and fall foliage such as small chrysanthemums, corn stalks, and other items. If you also use a scarecrow or other figure, from the first of October until Halloween, put a scary mask or other costume on him, then change it on November 1 to one that reflects the Thanksgiving holiday.

4. Swap out your summer plants in your outdoor planters (if they’re not annuals, of course) for fall foliage. Use tree branches that are full of leaves with their vivid fall colors; change out as they wilt. Throw in a few pumpkins, gourds, or other similar items.

If you normally change your planter box each year, go ahead and transplant the mums you buy from their pot into the planter. Make this easier by purchasing mums in peat pots, which will naturally decompose.

5. Consider having a decoration swap party. Invite your relatives, friends, and neighbors to bring decorations, still in good condition, of course, that they are tired of or may not go with d_cor changes that have occurred since last autumn.

Set everything out with the (soon to be previous) owner’s name and let everyone choose. If the same decoration is wanted by two or more people, figure out a fair way of deciding who gets to keep it (flipping a coin, drawing names out of hat, or other similar method).

6. Do you have pictures hanging in your house that can easily be swapped out? Consider purchasing some inexpensive autumn-themed pictures and hanging them up for the season. Store the other ones carefully until the season is over.

7. If you see that you absolutely must buy new decorations, go shopping with the idea of dual-usage in mind. By doing this, as well as taking advantage of such money-saving offers as Home Depot coupon codes, you will save money and time, as Home Depot has a large selection of plants, flowers, and other things that can be used in your theme change.

So, look around and ask yourself: what can I do to make a theme change for the fall? You’ll probably come up with several ideas for decorating that may turn out to be your favorite thing for quite a while.

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