Keeping Your Child Safe in Your Neighborhood

Child safety is of course an issue of critical importance, and at times it can seem that our children are at risk no matter where they are.  From the internet to predators lurking in our own neighborhoods, it seems the dangers are endless.  It is important, however, not to let those fears overwhelm and intimidate young minds.  Parents need to strike a balance between raising healthy and bold children and raising children who understand that the world can at times be a dangerous place.

Fortunately there are concrete steps parents can take to help their children grow up safe and secure.  For starters, there are a number of new laws that require sex offenders and other dangerous criminals to register their whereabouts every time they move.  These types of registries can give parents an important heads up about possible dangers in the neighborhood.

Parents can also check into the nature of the neighborhood before moving in. Some neighborhoods, and some schools, are safer than others, but of course no place is completely safe.  A better approach may be to teach children to deal realistically with danger, while at the same time not making them too intimidated or too frightened.  It is important for parents to not allow their fears to overwhelm their children.  Children can become frightened and intimidated about the world around them quite easily, and this type of fear can end up doing more harm than good.

In fact one of the most effective safety measures parents can institute is also one of the easiest.  Simply keeping the lines of communication open between parent and child can go a long way toward keeping that child safe from the dangers of the neighborhood and the wider world.  Whether it is a preschooler worried about the inappropriate actions of an adult caregiver or stranger, or a teenager worried about peer pressure and drug use, open lines of communication can head off many problems before they get out of hand.

If is also important for children of all ages to know who to turn to in the event of a problem.  Teaching kids the emergency numbers for fire, police and other situations is critical.  Even the youngest children should be taught how to use the telephone, and which numbers to call.  Those children should also be taught how to ask for help when it is needed, and which authority figures can be trusted.  Knowing who to go to is an important part of any child safety program.

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  1. Paul/ diabetics says:

    It is important to know who are the people you are associating with so that you could warn your children about them.

  2. What we need is a sense of community back in our life. No longer do people look out for each other and often we do not know our own neighbors. Saying that i do think we can become over protective of our children and wrapping them in cottonwool is never the answer. As you said if you communicate with your kinds and know what they are doing that is priceless