How to Cut Down on Transportation Costs

If you are looking to save money by cutting costs in your home and personal life, take a good hard look at your transportation costs. Many people own at least one, if not two, cars, and spend a lot of money on said cars due to gas, insurance, maintenance and taxes.

Whether you own a car or not, there are plenty of things a person can do to cut down on transportation costs. For an added bonus, these tips are not only money saving – they’re also environmentally friendly.

Carpooling with other people is a great way to save gas money. It’s also a nice idea because carpooling lets you to utilize the special carpool lanes on freeways that move faster during traffic. You can also try to walk to places close by instead of driving there – you’ll save money and get some exercise.

If you feel the need to drive somewhere, take a moment to plan your route. Try to plot out your trip efficiently instead of having to drive back and forth because you forgot to hit a particular store and need to turn around and drive back. When picking up groceries, make a comprehensive list and buy everything you’ll need for a week or two so you don’t have to waste gas driving to the store because you forgot one item or ran out of something prematurely.

Public transportation is also another valid transportation choice. Although not all cities have amazing public transportation like New York City, many cities do have some sort of bus system that reaches the most popular parts of town or college campuses. If you use public transportation a lot, look into purchasing a monthly or yearly pass. Long term passes tend to be much cheaper than paying for every ride separately.

If you already own a car, then keep driving it until it gives out. When the car dies and you need to buy a new one, don’t look at brand new cars on the lot – buy a one year old used car. As long as it has a good warranty and it’s in good condition, it will be a far more sensible purchase. You can also consider buying a hybrid electric car. Although hybrid cars can be pricey, they pay for themselves in the long run. Hybrid electric cars require far less gas than regular cars, and sometimes the government offers financial incentives for  those purchasing hybrid electric cars.

This was post written by Ryan Embly from the rental car comparison website CRX.

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