Tips For Designing A Family Bathroom

Top luxury hotels with their crisp white towels and marble tiles always look impeccable and clean.  Besides having a professional cleaning staff on their side, luxury hotels have a few budget and design advantages over the average family’s bathroom.

When redesigning or designing a family bathroom for the first time, many adult homeowners struggle in trying to create this element of style and luxury within the framework of a functional family bathroom.  There are a few important factors to consider which brainstorming a bathroom design that will help the end result to keep everyone happy, while still being one of the most functional rooms in the house.

The first factor to consider is how and when family members must access the bathroom.  If busy mornings are an issue then there are several ways the design can alleviate some of that early morning stress.  For example, creating an area with multiple sink basins, or at least multiple vanity areas can allow more than one person to be getting ready for the day at the very same time, without getting in each other’s way.  Long, large mirrors can also increase the utility of the bathroom, allowing hair and makeup to stay out of the way of those putting in contact lenses or brushing teeth, as can ample counter space.

Many homes have taken a cue from hotels which separate the toilet from the rest of the bathroom area so that bathroom emergencies are not faced at any time of day when the shower or bathtub is occupied, but the toilet is required urgently!  At the very least, an opaque shower stall or curtain should be considered a must in any family bathroom design!

To keep the bathroom clean and organized, it’s important to have convenient and efficient storage space for each and every family member.  Consider how the bathroom is used, and then use that information to create the right kind of storage.

If family members are changing in the bathroom it’s important to have a closet space for hanging clothes, and it can be helpful to include space for a hamper to keep dirty items off the floor.  If electronics like hair dryers and flat irons are often used in the bathroom, it’s important to have dry storage away from the sinks to increase safety and utility.  Of course space for everyday items like toothbrushes and toothpaste, cleaning products, medicines and towels must also be considered.

A key design element that will make any family bathroom not only look better, but be more safe and efficient is excellent lighting.  Many people focus the bathroom lighting only on the mirrors, but this key design flaw can leave areas like storage closets, the shower, or even the toilet in the dark.

Improve the bathroom design by including elements like strip lighting to avoid shadowing, providing ample lighting in all the aforementioned areas, and considering putting the bathroom lighting on a dimmer switch.  The dimmer switch feature can take any bathroom from utile to romantic and relaxing with the flick of a finger.

Finally, the most important element to designing any bathroom and the one that will form the first impression family members and guests have, is the color scheme.  Making simple changes such as using matching or complimentary towels, matching or complimentary bathmats and rugs, and using matching or complimentary curtains and shower curtains can really improve the overall design of any bathroom.

A great styling tip is to use neutral colors for expensive and hard to replace fixtures like the bathtubs, sinks and loo seats, so that the decorations can be easily replaced around them and the walls easily painted to create an entirely new bathroom design look in a day!  For those designing on a budget, this method of design can be a real life, and money saver!

About the Author: This article is by Victoria Crowdell of Shopfit Design who specializes in displaying homes for sale on Cable Display systems.

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