Six Ways to Keep Your Loved Ones Healthy This Winter

Winter is a most enjoyable season provided everyone remains healthy and can enjoy all that it has to offer. I found with my family though many times we missed out on some great winter activities because one of our family members was down with a cold or flu. I decided last year to take some extra precautions to see if I could ward off some of these miserable sicknesses and I was surprised that it really did help. I for sure will be repeating these same steps this year.

1. Kleenex on hand
I made it a real point to have all our family members use a Kleenex when they had a need to sneeze. Naturally they were taught to cover their mouth when they coughed but what I had forgotten about is all those nasty germs ended up on their hands and were spread through objects they touched as opposed to through the air with an uncovered cough.

2. Waterless hand sanitizer
I bought some personal size waterless hand sanitizer that easily fit in their pockets or backpacks. This way when they were at school where it was always easy for them to wash their hands they could resort to the hand sanitizer.

3. Removing the wet clothes
As soon as anyone in my family came in from participating in any outdoor activity in the winter months they naturally removed their outer clothing. I found though that many times their inner clothing would be damp from perspiration. We made it a point to change our clothes to fresh dry ones. Some say you can’t catch a cold from wet clothing, but if nothing else it certainly made us all feel warm and cozy when we did this.

4. Step up the vitamins the natural way
We made it a point to include an extra vegetable and fruit into our diets each day. We paid specialĀ  attention to getting our vitamin C the natural way. This was one step that I feel was really helpful.

5. Getting proper rest
We took extra care in insuring that we all got our proper rest. As a busy family we often become a little sleep deprived. In the summer months it doesn’t seem to affect us the same as it does in the winter months. I am of the belief that with the proper rest that it increases our defenses in warding off many of the winter colds and flu’s.

6. Avoiding bad situations

We pay attention to the trends in our community. If there seems to be a flu or cold going around that is spreading through the school for example, then we avoid large public gatherings for a few days. We feel that not only does it protect us, but it helps to stop the spread of what is going around.

These are all steps that didn’t take a lot of work but just remembering to act upon them. I am looking forward to a much healthier winter this year for myself and my family just from a few extra precautions.

This guest post was written by Lior, who works for Milk Nursingwear, a company that sells breastfeeding wear and specializes in nursing camisoles.

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