Cutting Down the Christmas Gift List for the Kids

There is one thing for certain, when the kids are designing their Christmas gift list they definitely are not giving any thought to their parents pocket books. Between the advertisements on the TV, the catalogues and flyers that inundate your mailbox, and the multitudes of online sites and ads for Christmas shopping, parents don’t stand much of a chance when it comes to cutting down what it is on the “just have to have” list from the kids.

There are some things however, that the parents can do to make things a little more realistic, without disappointing the kids when they don’t receive the twelve or more items that are what they consider the “priorities”.

You will need to determine just how many gifts it is that you are going to be purchasing for your kids at Christmas. Many times parents average at least three to five gifts per kid (if they are that lucky enough to be able to afford even that nowadays) although depending on the budget this can greatly vary.

Sticking with the three items however, is a good plan of action, as you will find that if you use the hints I am giving you here that your Christmas gift buying for the kids will be cut down dramatically.

Something that really worked for me was having my youngster compile three separate lists. The first list should contain items that they just absolutely feel that they have to receive, and that it just won’t be a good Christmas if they don’t receive them.

The second list will contain items that they feel that they would really like to have, but if they don’t get them, then it’s not the end of the world. And finally, the third list is going to be the most insignificant, but they certainly wont send the gift back should they receive something off this list.

Then from here what you can do is determine which of the gifts is going to be the most practical on the priority list, which is on the first list that was made. There will be more than likely several items that you can choose from, and although they are all most likely expensive, they will still vary in price, and you should be able to fit one of these into your budget.

The second gift can come from the second list they have made, and the same thing is applied here with the third gift from the third list as well. By doing this, your children will receive three gifts that they want, but because they are in a variety of price ranges, it makes it that much more affordable for you, and still keeps everyone happy.

My kids soon adapted to fact that they were not going to get everything on their Christmas list, and in actuality they were more excited in the anticipation of trying to guess which gift off of each list they were going to get.

Hopefully this is a simple and short solution to your Christmas list dilemma.

This was a guest post by Lior who works for Milk Nursingwear, an online brand that sells nursing tops, underwire nursing bras and many other nursing clothes.

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