Habits Your Children Should Avoid To Take Advantage of Their Growing Years

A number of factors affect a child’s growth and ultimately their final height. Nutrition, Exercise and Sleeping habits have a great impact on a child maximizing their growth spurt. However, just as important is a list of things a child should avoid if they are to maximize their growth period.

HGH (Human Growth Hormone), plays a major role in the health of a child and their growth rate as well. The body naturally secretes this hormone but can be “pushed” into increasing the output by the factors mentioned below:

1) Diet (what and when a child eats)
2) Exercise (the right intensity with resting periods for recovery)
3) Sleeping habits that help the body secrete HGH optimally

Children have a natural inclination to do a list of things that reduce their chance of maximizing their growth spurt. I believe one of the reasons that tall parents end up with tall children is the fact that they raise their children with the same habits they were raised in. (yes genetics does play a major role but not 99% of height as most people will have you believe)

The one piece of advice you should take from this article if nothing else is “Children should avoid eating simple sugars (such as Candy, Chocolate and Ice Cream) during these periods:

1) Before Bedtime (2 hours of bedtime)
2) Before Intense exercise (1 hour to exercise)
3) After intense exercise (2 hours after intense exercise)

The reason simple sugars shouldn’t be consumed during these periods is because consuming simple sugars causes the blood sugar levels to spike up and insulin is then released into the blood stream to manage the blood sugar levels. The problem is that the increase in blood sugar levels and insulin leads to HGH secretion and effectiveness being restrained in the body.

During intense exercise and the first three hours of sleep is when the most profound spikes in HGH secretion occurs. By maximizing these spikes in HGH levels over a number of years you can be sure that your child’s growth will be effected in a positive manner. (Not to mention it is also healthy for them).

If you have an active child consider yourself lucky and try and find activities for them to take part in so they can channel their energy constructively. One thing to look out for especially when it comes to children involved in numerous activities is fatigue. They may need a day or two of rest and not know it or just try to push through it. Ensure every week they get at least a day or two of rest. This keeps the body strong and able to focus on growth rather than repair.

Alcohol, tobacco and drugs are extremely negative when it comes to growth in children. This is a definite no-no.

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