Using Your Own Embroidery Design


Anyone that loves to embroider will be wanting to use their own embroidery design. You will find that using your own design is not that hard to do, and many people that embroider will use the design that they came up with as well. You can get your inspiration from many things, and you can use pictures as well to create your designs. Many people will take a design and change it to make it their own and that will work as well. Coming up with an original this way and it not looking anything like the one you were working on before is something that is so very simple. Once you have designed something that you want to embroider, you will need to know how to use it.

After you have sketched out your design on paper, you will then want to copy your embroidery design to the surface that you will be working on. If the surface you are suing is not one that is easy to see through, you will want to use a light box in order to do this. A light box is a box with a light inside of it that you can lay things on top of to trace. Be sure that you put your design under what you are tracing on and you will be able to see it through your fabric with the help of the light box.

Once you have traced your original design you will be ready to start sewing. You can choose what ever colors you want to use in your embroidery design, as this is yours and something that you made up to work on. The sky is the limit and you can use whatever color anywhere that you want to. You will find that this is a fun way to use your imagination and you might even start making your own designs all of the time. If you are someone that is not into designing your own things, you can buy designs as well for you embroidery projects. You will find that there are many places that sell them, and finding the one that you want should not be too hard.

Embroidery designs are want make the embroidery stitches something to wow about. You will love trying and using new designs as will everyone love looking at your work that you have created.

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