Online Resources To Stay Connected With the Wii Fit World

As amazing and fun as the Wii Fit is, one of the not-so-great aspects of using the system as your main source of exercise is that you can get a little lonely. No fellow classmates to commiserate about the drill sergeant aerobics instructor. No one on the stationary bike next to you to loan you a copy of “People” magazine. No one to nod to on the running trail – it’s just you and the TV set.

Well, loneliness be gone! If you’ve got an Internet hook-up, you can check in with millions of other Wii Fit addicts around the globe, swapping success stories and tips, and reviews on the latest Wii Fit upgrades. Here are a few places where you can connect to other Wii Fit lovers:


Whether you want to vicariously celebrate someone else’s weight loss successes, or create your own tribute to Wii Fit addicts, do a Google search for “Wii Fit blogs” and you’ll be treated to dozens of opportunities.

Web communities.

Want to join in with a group of like-minded exercisers and share tips, successes, and challenges? Stop by one of the Wii Fit web communities and get connected. Notable sites include the Wii Mommies at with over 650 members. Try also the Wii Fit Mom’s Group at  For men and women check out the Wii Fit Routine site at


The great thing about Twitter is that you can check out the conversation in between workouts. With only 140 characters to use on Twitter, you might even be able to tweet and exercise – but be careful! Use the #wiifit group to connect with other tweeting Wii Fit exercisers or to join in the conversation.


Podcasts, the on-demand audios you can download from iTunes and listen to for free on your computer or MP3 player, are all the rage these days, and no topic, including the Wii, is exempt! There are several Wii-themed podcasts on iTunes. While the Wii Fit is not the topic of discussion every week, you can monitor the shows and read the episode descriptions for the latest updates.


Want a good laugh or some extra inspiration? Go to and enter “Wii Fit” into the search box. You’ll be rewarded with an assortment of videos – some serious, some not – but all Wii Fit-related. Note: A cure for the blues is watching someone else do Wii hula-hooping!

You don’t have to go it alone.  There are many avenues to explore along your quest for Wii Fit connections.  Just get out there, have fun, and get fit in the process!

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