Alternative Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Not everyone enjoys a huge party for New Year’s Eve. They don’t want to wait out in the cold while waiting for the ‘ball’ to drop. They may not even want to leave home. They would much rather find alternative ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve but still commemorate the changing of the year.

There are many ways you can ring in the New Year without having crowds of people around. The following are some ideas you may want to use when planning your New Year’s evening. And perhaps they’ll start your creative juices flowing to come up with plans of your own.

One way you can celebrate New Year’s Eve is to invite a few friends over and plan a movie night at home. Gather together some movies, plan some snacks and watch movies until the clock strikes midnight. You’ll have spent time with friends and families doing something you enjoy rather than being with people you don’t know for hours until midnight or later.

Ladies can use December 31 to have an evening of pampering with girlfriends. Buy the needed items to do manicures, pedicures and facials or have all the girls bring items they have so the evening isn’t costly. Be sure to have fun music playing or watch the New Year’s Eve programs so you know when it turns into the New Year where you live.

Gather your immediate and extended family to cheer in the New Year. Plan a pot luck dinner so everyone can contribute to the festivities. You might want to have a special area set aside for the younger set so they won’t be bored talking with the ‘old folks.’ Whether or not you choose to serve alcohol is entirely up to you, but by having the teens and younger ones off in a different area of the house, you won’t have to worry about someone getting alcohol when they shouldn’t.

Drag out the board and card games. Have an at-home poker tournament. Let the children play games they enjoy and the adults play games geared toward adults. To make the evening even more fun, find games everyone can play. Count the number of people present and split the group up into teams with both children and adults. Play charades or Pictionary-type games where having a great young mind will come in handy.

Even if it’s a little nippy outdoors, have a Hawaiian luau. You don’t have to go all out and have the party outdoors but you can set up a Tiki shack in the living room. Suggest your guests wear Hawaiian shirts. Set out a luau style buffet and serve drinks in coconut cups. Hand out leis as the guests arrive. Play surfing music in the background. Think of it this way – you’ll be breaking up the winter doldrums and getting everyone ready for the promises of the New Year.

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