Halloween Crafts and Goodies.

halloween! There is so much do to and tons of fun to have on Halloween. Oh how our children love Halloween. But as crafty moms we can also enjoy Halloween. There are so many crafts we can do. So I started looking around for crafts that we could all make for Halloween. There are so many different things you could make. A great site I found that has tons of great Halloween crafts is Family Fun. Family fun has about everything you can think of to do for Halloween from crafts, to costumes, to print-ables, to Pumpkin carving.

0807_spiritjugs.jpgThese Cute little crafts are called Spirit Jugs.

I never thought of doing something like this with milk jugs but I think I will be putting these out front

of our house.

One of my favorite Halloween crafts to make is these cute little candy corn people .

They are simple to make and are great to give out to your favorite trick-or-treaters.

I also fill them with candy corn but you could fill them with about what ever you wanted to fill

them with.

0903_hairy_daddy_longlegs.jpg Hairy Daddy Long Legs would Be a great Cupcake for your kids to take to school.

This little guy is really cute and the instructions on him seem rather easy.

Kids seem to really love cupcakes more when they are all dress up.

alphamtoo_m.jpgOr if you want to get really creative you could always make these Mini Monster Cupcakes

What Halloween crafts are you working on right now? Please share you Halloween crafts. Favorite Halloween craft site. And anything else that you think we would all love to read or try.

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  1. Barb @ A Chelsea Morning says:

    Those candy corn people are adorable! What a cute center piece a larger version of them would make. Cute, cute.

  2. I love these ideas. I think I will take Emelia with me to get the things for the candy corn pots tomorrow, those look like such a fun project for her to take to school.

  3. Barb,
    You are so right. They would make a cute center piece. For Thanksgiving we are setting them in front of each persons place setting for them to take home with them. I also do Candy Cane ones for Christmas time.

    They are an awesome project for kids. My youngest just loves to make them.