Favorite Crocheting websites.

crocheting is such a great thing to do once fall begins to roll around the corner. You may just be starting out or you may be an expect crocheter but no matter what you are there is always a project out there for you. Some people crochet to make money. Some people crochet as a hobby. Some people crochet to make wonderful gifts. So let share some of our favorite crocheting websites and why we love them so much.

  • Craft Site Directory is a great site to find tons of different websites for tons of different crafts. But I love that they have so much going on with crocheting.
  • Crocheting for Beginners is a great place to go if you are just starting out at crocheting. They have everything from the very beginning. They even have an eCourse that you can sign up for FREE for a limited time. So you have to go and sign up. You will learn everything from stitches to different types of crocheting and much more.
  • Bev’s Country Cottage is my all time favorite crocheting website. She has everything there. She has patterns, links, and so much more at your fingertips. It is also a great site for knitting. You can also check out Bev’s blog to see what she is up to.
  • Crochet pattern Central is also a great place where they have thousands of crocheting links.
  • Craft Designs 4 you is a great place if you are looking to purchase some fun, great and beautiful patterns.
  • Crochet Treasures. If you are looking for vintage patterns then Crochet Treasures is the place to go.

Some crochet projects can take a matter of hours while others take a matter of days. I normally work on my crocheting at night after the family is settled into bed and I have some quiet time. I find that sitting down with my crocheting and watching tv can be very relaxing.
Please share with the rest of us your favorite crocheting sites.

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