Twins and Hemangiomas

For unknown reasons, twins are more likely than singletons to develop hemangiomas, also known as strawberry birthmarks. Somewhere between 4–10 percent … [Read more...]

Famous Fathers of Twins

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Does Drinking Milk Make You Have Twins?

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Coping with Twins’ Fears

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Most Popular Names for Twins

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Airplane Travel with Infant Twins

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Elimination Communication: Is It Possible to Potty-Train Infant Twins?

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Birthday Parties for Toddler and Preschooler Twins

Parents of twins and multiples often have a difficult journey to parenthood. They may have gone through several years of fertility treatments and/or … [Read more...]

A New Type of Twins Is Discovered: Semi-Identical Twins

The Journal of Human Genetics recently reported on a rare type of twins, who have been dubbed “semi-identical twins.” In this case, a single egg was … [Read more...]

Web Sites for Multiples Organizations

Multiples groups are a great resource for meeting other parents of multiples and finding information about raising twins, triplets, and more. The … [Read more...]