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What Should You Name Your Twins?

If you're expecting twins, you may find that it's hard enough for you and your partner to agree on one name, let alone two! My husband and I had a … [Read more...]

Will They Ever Sleep at the Same Time?

The first six months of my twins’ lives is a blur. My husband and I were so sleep-deprived that we wore T-shirts labeled “Grump 1” and “Grump 2.” … [Read more...]

Twins’ Special Bond

I always wondered if my twins would have that special bond that some twins seem to have—that emotional connection that goes beyond most sibling … [Read more...]

Surviving Toddler Twins

When I was going through the really exhausting days of infancy with my twins, I remember thinking to myself, Boy, I can’t wait until they can walk and … [Read more...]

Fascinating Facts About Twins

There are a lot of interesting myths, rumors and questions surrounding the phenomenon known as twins. Let’s sort out the facts from the fiction: … [Read more...]

Why Are Twins So Different?

People who don�t have twins frequently assume that multiples are exactly alike. Although some twins may be difficult to tell apart from a physical … [Read more...]

Working Moms

Being a Mom sure is not an easy task. We are entitled to be more than one person a day. We become Doctors, Teachers, Friends, Story Tellers, Taxi, … [Read more...]