Building Six Pack Abs For New Moms

Guest post by Alex: Alex is a mother of two and writes about healthy ways on how to get a six pack. She strongly believes that this should be done using natural and safe methods. All her articles are easy to follow and are based on established research and personal experience.

Motherhood is the best feeling any woman could ever experience. From the time you’ll found out that there is a life growing inside your tummy until you gave birth to a new individual, the feeling is nothing but euphoric. By the time you get over the pregnancy bliss, you’ll soon realize that you have gained a lot of weight and belly fat is something you cannot hide. If you are a new mom with the same dilemma, this article is specifically for you as it gives you effective tips to lose weight and possibly build a six pack abs.

Tip #1 Watch what you drink

Obstetricians recommend drinking at least 3 to 5 glasses more than the regular 8 glasses of liquids a day after giving birth, because your organs need to be properly hydrated as they re-adjust. This goes especially true to women who are breastfeeding because their body needs twice as much fluid to produce milk.

Although water is the best liquid there is, here are few drinks that you might consider and might want to avoid:

  • Avoid 2% milk. Yes, milk does the body good, but choose it wisely. Better than homogenized, yes, but it still has about 130 calories and about 5 grams of fat per cup. Have some skim milk instead. At only 90 calories and 0 grams of fat per glass, skim milk doesn’t skimp on protein. It has 9 grams, the same as 2%.
  • Avoid Cola because besides sugar and calories, what do you get from a can of cola? Nothing. No vitamins or minerals, and drinking cola are linked to low mineral density in women. So shift to Tea – Not only it is calorie-free, but regular intake of tea lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases and lowers stress levels. Perfect for new moms as they care for their young.

Tip #2 Watch what you eat

Mashing on the right foods can actually help whittle your waist and help you get those much coveted six pack abs fast. Here are some of the top appetite-killers in your kitchen:

  • Pine Nuts – The fatty acids you get from a pine nut initiates the release of a cholecystokinin – an appetite suppressing hormone. Try sprinkling some on your salad or mix them into a healthy pesto.
  • Hot stuff – As in foods that are hot touch like tea, coffee, and soup. The aromas released by hot foods could make a person feel full faster by affecting the hypothalamus – satiety centers in the brain.
  • Green leaves – Cabbage, spinach, and other green leafy veggies are nearly calorie-free. And because their calories are so low, you could burn them off just by digesting them, thus the thing called negative-calorie diet.

Tip #3 Keep moving

For moms who just gave birth, light exercises such as walking are highly recommended in more reasons than one:

  • helps reduce or prevent post partum depression
  • helps boost your energy
  • helps get rid of the post-pregnancy weight
  • helps you become stronger and fit, thus allowing you to eventually shift to a higher-intensity workout such as running

Tip #4 Sculpt the midsection

After losing the fat that covers those six pack abs through diet and some exercise, it’s now time to get serious. Losing fat alone won’t give you those much coveted abs, but toning the abdominal muscle will. If you feel your body is ready, do abdomen specific exercises such as crunches.

Tip #5 Push your self

Do 5 crunches. And then 5 more; and another 5 more after that. And just when you think you can’t do 1 more, do 5 more. You really have to push yourself if you want to see results. However, do so when your body has fully recovered from pregnancy. Just be persistent and you’ll soon get the hot and sexy body that you once had.

photo credit: scottsnyde

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