Twin breastfeeding pillows – Baby gear for twins series

Admin note: This is liss’s second baby gear for twins reviews. You can check out her first post which reviews the best bassinet for twins.

Hi everyone, can’t believe this is my second guest post for In this post, I will be reviewing something that is really useful for me: twins breastfeeding pillows! For mums who want to breastfeed their twins, it is an essential tool that will really help you out during those breastfeeding moments when you are not in your home.

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Twin breastfeeding pillows ratings

I am going to give this twin breastfeeding pillow full marks! Seriously though, it is a great twins baby gear and this is why:

  • The breastfeeding pillow keeps the twins really close to my breasts. This makes it a hundred times easier to feed them, espeically when you are trying to feed two at once! No more bending which means no more stiff backs!
  • The pillows also prevent any of the twins from sliding away. This was one of my biggest headache in the past when I always have to adjust because one was slipping away. This breastfeeding pillow for twins has really removed this problem for me because the curve of the pillows make it a snug fit.
  • The material is made of something I don’t quite understand but it makes for easy cleaning. So far, I have not had any problems dealing with molds or any sorts of cleaning problems due to the twins spilling their milk on the pillows.

Where to buy twin breastfeeding pillows

I bought my set from Amazon because it was giving a 23% discount and I saved more than USD15 getting it there. Amazon also has free shipping which I don’t have to spend a cent on getting this product from them. Overall, I loved shopping at amazon and I recommend that you buy it there if oyou are looking to buy this twin breastfeeding pillow.

In conclusion, this baby gear is one of the best baby gear for twins. I recommend it wholeheartedly to parents who have twins.

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