The growing popularity of mommy blogs

There was a recent blog on this very subject asking if the “mommy” in “Mommy Blogs” could be trimmed down a bit to just “mom”. It seems like “mommy” is such an endearing term, right? Either way, it’s pretty certain that most of them don’t care what you call them (so long as it’s in the mommy realm) with the recent data that’s been released.

According to a report on Mashable, did you know that mommy bloggers are making, on average, about $14,000 more than people that aren’t female bloggers with children? You may wonder why and that’s definitely a relevant question. Apparently mommy bloggers are hailed as the ultimate childrearing resource in cyberspace.

A recent study conducted a Scarborough Research revealed that approximately fourteen percent of all American moms with at least one child either blogs about being a parent or reads advice from others that do. This adds up to almost four million women in the United States that identify themselves as being a “mommy blogger”.

Of course, there are also millions of people that would consider themselves to be “writers” too, but that doesn’t automatically mean they are great ones. Indeed, one of the “double edges” of the blogging world is that places like WordPress and Blogspot provide free space for anyone to start up a platform.

Yet here’s the thing: There are some mommy blogs that are gaining lots of credibility for good writing (and editing), accurate content and contagious relatability. Currently, some of the most influential mommy blogs include The Divine Miss Mommy (with over 50,000 followers), Good Mom/Bad Mom (with over 103,000 followers) and Dooce with a whopping 1,500,000 (and counting) followers!

If you spend time visiting any of those three, there is another misconception about mommy blogs that will probably be put to rest. Although some of these kinds of blogs deal with “all things mommy”, others simply come from the angle of a blogger who is also a mom. This opens up the door for women, especially stay-at-home moms, to have a voice where in times past, they were silenced. And perhaps that’s another reason why mommy blogs are currently all the rage. It reminds other mommies that there is more to them than being the mother of the child that they are raising.

Whatever the underlining message is, if you are mom (well, mommy) that was considering starting a blog, maybe this will be the inspiration that you need to write out a plan, hire a website builder and get to writing. It’s never too late because another thing that Mashable cited is that the average age of a mommy blogger is around 37 and almost 90 percent of them have children between the ages of 2-11.
If you’ve got the skills and can make the time, it’s definitely not something to turn up your nose at. Matter of fact, the very person penning this blog, blogs for a living and can attest to the fact that there’s definitely money to be made. Even more if you’re a mommy…blogger.

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