At what age should a child have a cell phone

These days, it seems like as soon as a child can speak, he’s asking for his own cell phone. Cell phones have become so commonplace in our society that children as young as eight have their own. Whether or not you’re kids are asking for a phone yet, you can bet the talks will start soon. How do you decide at what age should kids have a cell phone ? No one can tell you the “right” age to get your children a cell phone because there is no right age but here are some things to consider when making the decision.

If your biggest concern is discovering the “right” age when it becomes appropriate for your child to have a cell phone, then stop worrying. There is no right answer to this since only you and your child can truly decide when it’s time. According to some statistics, though, about 75% of children between ages 12 and 18 have cell phones. For kids between 8 and 10 that percentage is just over 30%. For teens 15-18 years old, about 85% of them have cell phones and it varies in age groups between these two. Parents of kids in all age groups have made the choice to give their kids a cell phone so if you do you’re not alone. If you feel you’d rather wait, then you’re also not alone. Again, only you can really make this decision for you and your family.

The purpose of your child having a cell phone would be to be easily able to communicate with him or her. If your child is too young to participate in after-school activities, sports, or go out with friends then there isn’t much reason for him to have a cell phone. It makes sense that the percentage of teens who have a cell phone rise dramatically once teens are old enough to drive and gain a little independence since they’ll be away from home more often. Though if your child plans to participate in extra curricular activities and sports at younger ages, a cell phone could prove very helpful.

Another thing to consider is your child’s level of responsibility. They may not fully understand how much cell phones cost to keep. If they break them or destroy the cell phone screen protector, they might think it’s just as easily replaceable as a toy or game. When determining whether or not your child is ready for a phone, look at how responsible he or she is with other belongings.

Once you get your child that phone, you’ll have to decide whether or not to have him or her help pay for it and what restrictions you’ll put in place. Some parents don’t allow texting or web access. Some parents don’t allow their children to use the phone when at home. Some require their kids pay “insurance” on the phone in case it breaks. You and your family can come up with the right agreements for you.

Cell phones are a great way to start teaching your kids responsibility and you, more than anyone else, will know theat what age should a child have a cell phone.


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