Factors that make people give up weight loss

If you have fought against excess weight, you are not the only one. The success rate for people who diet is depressingly low, and many people simply give up their weight loss efforts in frustration when trying to lose weight. If you understand the factors that are keeping you fat you will be better able to tackle your weight problems head on and enjoy a healthy body.

Weight Loss Isn’t Easy…At Times It’s Downright Painful

If you’ve ever stayed up late and watched late night infomercials, you have seen ads for all kinds of products that promise easy weight loss. These products promise to make exercise a breeze. Still others promise that you will lose weight by exercising just five minutes a day. People shell out big bucks for these products, only to be frustrated when they don’t see results.

Weight loss is not easy or magical. In order to lose weight, you are going to have to deprive yourself of food until your body gets the signal to start using your excess fat for energy. This means that you might not be able to eat an entire pizza.

It means you might have to start eating vegetables, fruits and whole grains. It means you will have to exercise. There are times that exercise may be uncomfortable. You will have to sweat, your muscles will hurt and you may feel fatigued. The pain you feel is your muscles breaking down and rebuilding themselves. These same muscles will reward you by helping you burn fat, even while you’re not exercising. So start eating right and hit that treadmill if you want to lose weight.

Portion Sizes are Out of Control

The average American has no idea what the proper portion size is for a bowl of cereal. When most people eat cereal, they use bowls that are twice the size of an actual portion. If you are closely following nutrition labels, you may think that you’re having a 100-calorie breakfast when you’re actually consuming 200 calories.

The portion size of a hamburger is probably half the size of what you would get at a fast food restaurant. The best way to control portions is to get a portion plate or chart and use measuring cups to portion your food. Try a supplement like Sensa that will help suppress your appetite and curb cravings.

Healthy Options for Eating Out Are Few and Far Between

A drive down a major street in any major city will offer you tons of choices in fast food, none of which are healthy. It is difficult to think of a single fast food chain that sells broccoli, whole wheat bread or asparagus. Most fast foods are deep fried or filled with sugar. All of these foods contribute to weight gain and hamper weight loss. Most restaurants offer nutrition information but you often have to ask for it. Avoid fast food like the plague when you embark on your weight loss regimen.

With all of the fast food advertising, out of control portions and “magic” diet products, it’s amazing that anyone loses any weight. By being aware of the obstacles that hinder weight loss, you will be better armed in the battle of the bulge.

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