Gift bag ideas for girls birthday party

Party planning for your little girl is no small undertaking. Everything needs to be perfect. The petting zoo has to have all the right animals. No echidna? Back to the drawing board. The cake has to be just right. The invitations must be sent out well in advance and to all the right kids.

It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

You can hit every right note and still let your little princess down if her friends don’t go away happy. Let’s face it: kids have short attention spans. The aspect of the party that their most likely to remember is the gift bag stuffed with party favors that they get to take home with them. This final detail is the icing on the birthday cake, so to speak. Parents who overlook the gift bag often live to regret it.

If you’re throwing a theme party, then the job of assembling a dynamite gift bag is already done for you. For Mexican fiestas, tie a bandana around exotic candies and a fist full of Latin toys. If your theme is pirates, an eye patch and gummy sharks will do just fine. If you have a beach party, fill a shiny, plastic pale with beach toys and a juice box. Let the theme be your guide.

Parties with a girly theme like princess parties have it even easier. You can fill a shiny goody bag with candy makeup and ring pops. One thing to avoid is handing out actual cosmetics at a little girl’s party. While makeup on kids might be allowed in your household, many parents don’t permit their daughters to use adult cosmetics. Avoid the neighborhood scandal by keeping the contents of your gift bags non controversial. Stick to candy, toys and other age appropriate gifts.

If you’re concerned about the vast stockpiles of inexpensive toys cluttering up your closets and drawers, find a alternative for your little girl’s party. It’s quite common for parents to get fed up with the sheer volume of toys passed out at birthday parties. One of the best ways to avoid contributing to this problem is to give out something that can be used up. Crayons, paints and other arts and crafts are excellent creative gifts if your little lady runs with an artsy crowd. If your girl and her friends are earthy types, hand out seeds and flower pots so her friends can start their own window gardens.

Never forget the parents when you’re putting together gift bags, especially if you expect your guests to help supervise the party. It’s a very kind gesture to give out a little something to all the adults who helped make your daughter’s dream party come to fruition. An inexpensive picture frame, disposable camera, burned CD or small artistic token are all nice additions.

If you honestly don’t have time to plan a killer gift bag for the kids or the parents, there are some commercial solutions. Gift bags for retail can be purchased at party stores and art supply stores everywhere.


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