Best dry food for your cat

For those seeking out the best fresh dry food selections for their cat, there are quite a few brands of dry cat food on the market today. But the issue with cat food is that not every brand offers the correct nutrients that your cat will need to stay healthy.

It is for this reason that grocery store brands of cat food are usually not recommended. While they are known to be very inexpensive, a constant diet on them is likely to lead to health issues later on for your pet.

There is also some debate as to whether dry cat food in itself is good for your cat. This is because it doesn’t contain much moisture, which is something that a cat needs for their kidneys to function properly. But alternating between dry and moist food is actually a good idea, as this will give the cat a more balanced nutrition overall.

When it comes to a pet’s diet, there usually isn’t a one size fits all solution available. You need to find the proper food that will be appropriate for your cat’s nutritional needs, age and any medical conditions that it has. Rotating foods and making changes from time to time is also recommended. Many cats will grow tired of eating the same formula each and every day.

Here are four of the very best Fresh dry food selections for felines:

Meat Based

Turkey, chicken, whitefish meal, chicken meal as well as potatoe-based is a great selection. The reason why this brand of food is highly recommended is due to its high content in crude protein. In fact, analysis shows that it contains no less than about 50%.

If you want a food that would come close to the nutritional quality of feeding your cat a raw diet, then this is the type of food you need. It also has one of the highest protein content of all commercial dry foods. Some of the top ingredients are: turkey, chicken, chicken fat, herring meal and potatoes.

While it’s not the cheapest brand of cat foods, this type of dry food for cats has a history of making premium pet meals that are enjoyed by most cats and provide them with very good nutrition.

Protein-Based and Rice-Based

Food that contains protein from four different sources is a great choice: fish, lamb, duck and chicken. It also contains added Vitamin E. The protein content is higher than many store-bought generic cat food.

Some of the other ingredients included are brown rice, cranberries, various vegetables, yogurt, brewers rice and flax seed meal.

These are just a handful of examples of some of the best dry cat foods that you can buy. Remember that in order to keep your cat’s appetite for them and give the best possible nutritional balance, you should rotate them with premium moist cat food.

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