Best gifts for your significant other

Who knows why, but us ladies seem to be hardwired for romance. We love movies when the great guy ends up with the right girl despite long odds. We want to hold hands and snuggle up on the couch on cold nights. And we still appreciate a candlelit meal and a door being held open, whether we’re on a first date or twenty years into a marriage. Although women may ask for romance more often, men also enjoy the random romantic gesture. He may never say so, but your significant other appreciates gestures that prove your love, whether simple or involved. And while we always want our men to be romantic, you can show him the same appreciation with the well-timed romantic gift. But what can you get for a man that is romantic without being cheesy? Here are a couple of great ideas for truly romantic gifts for your significant other.

Men love road trips, yet they’re usually the ones planning them and dragging us along. Of course that’s usually because their choice of road trip takes you to a NASCAR track or a golf course. Consider taking the reins and planning an impromptu, surprise road trip filled with romance. You do the driving, and bring him to a park, or a distant restaurant he’s always wanted to try for a romantic dinner. Extend it during the warm months with a trip to a lake or the ocean. Always leave the kids at home, especially if you are considering a late night swim or other romantic nightcap.

Your significant other probably takes pride in providing for you and the rest of the household. So romantic gifts at work are a great way to show him how much you appreciate the effort. Consider showing up to take him out to lunch. Pack a picnic with all of his favorites and find a bit of lawn to settle down on. Or whisk him away to a special restaurant near the office. Surprise is the key, but make sure you check out his work schedule in advance so you don’t show up on a particularly busy day or in the middle of an important meeting.

The great thing about romantic gestures for your man is that some of the best gifts for him are also gifts for you. Consider picking up some new lingerie and choose the perfect night to reveal it to him. Go with a look that you will know he will like. Bonus points for trying something a bit risky or outside of your comfort zone. And you can gift it to him in a couple of different ways. Either box it and wrap it up or just surprise him with it on already.

A professional photo of you can also be a fantastic romantic gift for him. Find a local photographer who is known for artistry instead of going to some tame department store or family studio. Either go somewhere beautiful and have some glamour shots taken, or break out the new lingerie you bought and have some intimate shots taken. In either case your significant other will love the effort you put in, and the fact that you went through with a sexy photo shoot for him even though you were nervous will speak volumes to your man.

The best romantic gifts are experiences, and while your romantic trip might involve a quaint bed and breakfast and a fancy scent you could never afford without a perfume coupon code, chances are your man has different ideas. So consider booking a short trip centered around what he likes to do. While his interests may not match your idea of ‘romantic’, the fact that you support him in his passions will be incredibly meaningful to him. Remember, romance changes depending on what stage of relationship you are in. So keep that in mind when you come up with your romantic gift, and you’ll never do wrong.


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