Benefits of karate training for kids

Children all over the world have benefited from studying martial arts like Karate since ancient times. Many years ago, Karate was developed in Japan as a means of hand to hand combat training–there is no use of weapons. The word Karate itself comes from the Japanese word for “empty hand”. Practicing Karate in those times was a necessity for many, particularly for those in the army. Today, this martial art is popular all over the world as a great form of exercise, an exciting sport, and a foundation for self-defense. The benefits of learning Karate for children are many, both physical and mental. Consider these benefits if you are still uncertain about getting your kids involved in Karate.

On the physical end of the spectrum, Karate is first and foremost a fantastic form of exercise. Children today are more fascinated with TV and video games than they are with running and playing outside, and this has led to the onset of rising obesity rates and many new health problems. Regular exercise is a necessity for healthy and happy living, and Karate is one of the best forms of exercise available. Not only is it a great way to maintain physical fitness, it’s lots of fun as well.

A great side effect of this physical activity and fitness development is that it allows children to carry themselves confidently through the many tough situations that they will encounter as they grow up. Any martial arts instructor worth your while will be very up front in telling you that Karate is not a means of learning to fight. However, children who are healthy, fit, and confident in their abilities are more capable of defending themselves, should the need ever arise. Starting a study of martial arts will make your children more physically fit, and thus more confident in themselves.

The tenets of Karate teach children to strive for knowledge and understanding, to avoid arrogance, to accept both successes and failures with grace and humility, and to always cultivate physical, mental, and spiritual health. Exposure to these values and adherence to the tenets of Karate helps to build character in children. They will become responsible and hard-working young adults as a result of their early experience with these values. Encouraging the building of solid character traits like these is essential for children in their formative years, for without a sense of direction they will be lost at sea in an ocean of uncertainty.

From the development of physical strength and the good habit of maintaining regular exercise, to the sense of confidence and humility that arises from dedicated study of a martial art, the benefits of Karate training for kids are many and they are valuable. While they may not be donning the ninja uniform to fight crime like the heroes of their favorite movies, your children will grow up happy and healthy as a result of training in Karate, and in the end that is really what’s most important for them.


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