How music can help you concentrate

If you are a mom with a full-time job, your life is probably anything but a relaxing holiday. Finding time to yourself when you aren’t working or spending time with your kids is challenging and may even seem impossible, but it is doable. Getting better-organized and utilizing music will aid you in following through with your New Year’s resolutions. Wait, music can help? Absolutely! You can get free music downloads to serve as the melodious little attendants to see you through your goals and help with your time-management skills.

Skip to the Tune of Organization

Most moms almost always share these two New Year’s resolutions: lose weight (or get fit), and enjoy personal time (like an hour a day to read or do yoga) in between work and family obligations.  Before you can commit to making these resolutions, you have to get organized. In an article titled “13 Timesaving Tips for Busy Moms”, the author suggests to assign some of the tasks you normally perform at home to your children as chores (among other tips you should read about). This will easily free up an hour of your time. But how to you get your kids motivated to actually pitch in and do some chores so you can go to a Yoga class, run on your treadmill, or sit down with a book and a glass of wine? Go to a free music download site and thrill your kids with a play-list of the current popular jams they love. Your kids can work to the beats, and if they aren’t old enough to know about the magic of free music downloads, you don’t have to tell them that you acquired the music for free—let them think they worked for it (but, be a cool mom, and give them an allowance too). This is just one way music can aid in freeing up some of your time. But before we explore more of its uses, it is best you understand the hidden dangers of “free”.

The Price of Free

Have you ever stayed up late watching TV and those adverts come on telling you that “if you buy today you get an extra one free (just pay shipping and handling)”? We have all heard this, and laugh to ourselves because it isn’t really free when you have to pay for handling, let alone the shipping. Some free music download sites work, more or less, in the same way. Although many will not charge their clients a fee per-song they download, they will charge a monthly membership rate. When looking for a music download site, make sure that it is indeed free, and there are no hidden costs. Also, make sure their media library is expansive and in-depth. As a mom with diverse tastes and kids who like types of music that may be unfamiliar to you, you will need a wide variety of songs both modern, and some older traditional songs that may not be mainstream enough for certain sites to offer.

Your Pace, Your Time

Music is a great way to help you stay on track with your tasks. Whether it is spending 30 minutes doing scrap booking, 45 minutes of Yoga, or spending an hour reading from a classic novel, let music be your metronome. If you have scheduled an hour to read before you sit down with your kids to help them with their homework, then make a play-list of music that lasts exactly one hour. This is simple, as each track shows its listed time. So when that final track by the Beatles comes to The End (pun intended), you will know to put your book down with no excuses.

Music as your FREE Time Coach

Go explore an appropriate free music download site that is truly free, and start downloading your favorites, as well as your kid’s favorite tunes too. Time your play-lists and set them to run while you work, read, or jog. Enjoying your favorite music is a much better timekeeper than an annoying alarm buzzer, and it offers a great way for you and your kids to discover new music, as well as old favorites.

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