Dinner ideas for kids and adults

Family dinners can be a lot of fun, and are a great opportunity for you to get all the kids together and have the entire family in one place, for a change. These days, it can get to the point where it seems like everyone has somewhere to go at every minute of every day — if one kid’s not off to soccer practice, then the other is off to karate, and so forth. Finding a minute when everyone can just sit down and enjoy each other’s company can be pretty difficult, and the fact that we’re all plugged into the latest tablet or smartphone device isn’t really helping matters too much, either. Getting everyone to agree to sit down for a nice family meal can seem tough, but a great way to entice the entire population of your family is by serving up something that’s going to truly delight all parties involved. Sometimes, though, we have to deal with disparate taste buds. It can be tough to please kids and adults alike, especially when the ones in your life have particular tastes or are tough to please. It can get a little exasperating when you’re trying to figure out how you want to go about getting your kids and your significant other to sit down at the dinner table. If you want to entice them with some culinary mastery, however, we’ll talk about some relatively simple ideas that both kids and adults alike will find plenty irresistible. One of the following suggestions will be almost guaranteed to have your entire family showing up to the dinner table, regardless of their age group.

Pasta is one of the simplest, yet most fulfilling foods that you can possibly think of, and there are absolutely a million ways to serve it. In fact, you can even serve it multiple ways at one meal without too much fuss or deliberation. For the kids, you can go with the simple spaghetti and meatballs: nothing more, nothing less. For the adults, you can add whatever you want, crafting as rich and textured a dish as you feel like. Or you can simply make something that everyone will love, like the classic spaghetti with meatballs and meat sauce. A dinner this easy is sure to delight just about anyone who shows up at the table.

Potatoes are another great way to have an easy time cooking a satisfying meal that’ll have both kids and adults feeling great when they get up from the table. You’ll be wishing could just eat in Ireland when you learn about all the great ways the potato can be worked into your diet. Baked potatoes are a particularly great meal for both kids and adults: you can stick with nothing more than butter and cheese for the little ones, and you can make things a little more complex by adding things for the adults. There are a lot of ways to satisfy everyone in the family, and most of these solutions involve foods that give you a lot of room for adding other flavors and textures. When you go for variety, you’re guaranteed to satisfy just about everyone.


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