Start Your Own Blog – Here’s How

Perhaps you’ve considered starting a blog, either for personal or business purposes but don’t know anything about blogging, well, I’ll tell you this ecourse, Blogging Starter Pack, really helped me a lot.

Plain English Please!  I’m not a tech person at all so I need things explained to me in plain English. This is one of the reasons I recommend you check out this course if you are looking to start blogging. Lynette Chandler of TechBased tells you and shows you with video exactly how to set up your blog and get started blogging in easy to understand terms.

Each section of the course will walk you step by step through the steps you need to take to start a blog, all the way up to and through promoting it so you can make money from it. The course will walk you through both Blogger and Word Press set up.

These are just a few of the areas Lynette covers in her course:

  • The basics of blogging
  • How to set up your blog in either Blogger or WordPress
  • How to start blogging
  • Ways to promte your blog
  • Using the Feed Burner
  • Pinging – what it is & how it works to promote your blog
  • Advanced Blogging that brings in more traffic
  • Explaination of such terms as trackback, pingback and tagging – remote commenting, how it adds content to your blog

Lynette gets into adding RSS Feeds (which I was so proud of myself for doing along with the video), how to promote your blog, especially if you want to earn money from it. How to get the most out of your blog with the use of directories and so much more.

Defenitely take a look at it, I’m sure you will be as impressed as I was and surprised at how even someone as non-technical as I am could understand it easily. If you would like to learn more about the course, what others are saying about it and what Lynette has to offer just click on Blogger Starter Pack! It’s an investment in your business and well worth it if you ask me. It doesn’t end once you get through the course, she offers so much more after that. You get continued support and information.

I’d had a blog up for several months but never got any comments or anyone looking at it but after this course, not only has it been index by the search engines in less than an hour I have been getting comments so I know it’s being viewed now. I’m so happy I found this course, I feel so much more confident in my blogging now.  So check it out and see how easy blogging can be:  Blogging Starter Pack

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