5 ways to save money with a large family

When you have a large family, although it provides you with more people to love (and more people to be loved by), what also comes it is the need for more resources, which means the need for more income. For that reason, it’s completely understandable why you would be constantly on the hunt for ways to save money on your household expenses. Without question, you definitely know what it means when people say “Every dollar counts.”

Since we’re aware of the fact that you’re already pretty busy, we’ve done some of the work for you and come up with what we think are the five most effective ways to save money when it comes to providing for the needs of your large family. Check these out:

Use coupons (and promo codes). Yeah, you would think that this one is “a given” and yet, every year, millions of dollars (worth of savings) are overlooked simply because people don’t make the time to clip coupons. Coupons.com and RetailMeNot.com are just two sites that can really make it work your while if you would only check them out before heading out to your favorite stores (or shopping online). Again, every little bit counts…and helps.

Buy used. There used to be a time when if people purchased things like used clothes or furniture, they pretty much kept it “a secret”. However, as more and more people are becoming eco-friendly, “used” is a word that less people are ashamed of (which is great). Thrift stores, consignment shops and yard and estate sales are filled with “someone’s junk that can become your treasure”. Definitely make it a point to visit a few from time to time.

Try out some DIY projects. Maybe you’re ready for a new sofa or chair, but your budget is not in agreement with you. Thanks to websites like HGTV, DIY Network and even videos on YouTube, you can find all kinds of ways to do home improvement and interior décor renovations on your own which is sure to be at a fraction of the costs that would come from buying new or hiring a professional.

Make your own cleaning supplies. Initially, this one may not seem like it will make much of a dent into your savings. However, try looking for some savings on cleaning supplies like at Couponsam.com coupons and think about how many times per year that you purchasing window cleaner or even personal cleaning items like shampoo and soap. Did you know that for all of these things, you can go online for recipes on how to make them yourself (deodorant, lip gloss and lotions included)? Simply go to your favorite search engine and put “homemade cleaning supplies”, “homemade soap” or “homemade body products”, along with “recipes” in the search field for a ton of ideas.

Don’t “keep up with the Joneses”. A lot of people find themselves in debt simply because they are trying to compete with what other people have. Each family has their own way of doing things and so as long as your needs are met and everyone’s safe, happy and healthy, that’s all that really matters. Try not to put a price tag on that. Just do the best that you can.


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