Cheapest place to buy toddler clothes

Not all of us like to dress our toddlers in clothing adorned with Dora The Explorer or Spider Man. Some of us like to present out baby boys as a petit monsieur, and finding posh clothing without breaking the bank can be a challenge if we want to give our little ones a chic look. Presenting your toddler as a proper little person can be fun and allow you to be creative, and by entering frequent contests geared towards mothers of young children (such as the 21st contest), you could win a cash prize of $10K and keep your son looking like a tiny James Bond or your daughter looking like a little Princess Grace. Mind you, this article is not embarking on the shores of snobbery. Kids should wear what makes them happy, and wear and tear on clothing during playtime is a concern. Therefore, it is recommended to dress your child like a little starlet when they are not playing, but rather when they going to see the doctor, going to brunch, or are out for a stroller ride along the boardwalk.

Haute couture pour les petits (high fashion for little ones)

You don’t have to buy baby clothes from Prada or from specialty shops on London’s Regency and Bond Street to make your toddler look chic. There are a number of online shops that offer well-made, fashionable clothes for toddlers that give that sophisticated look. Mind you, you don’t need to dress your baby in a top hat with a monocle and an evening cape, but there are some fine threads they can wear that will turn heads.

Habiller vorte enfant (dressing your boy)

Dressing your toddler boy to look like a little prince is a breeze and can be achieved by implementing a number of items. Sweater vests are a must, and require a collared shirt. Incorporating a bow tie will give Baby Boy a splash of color, and an air of sophistication. One look at him, and people will expect the little guy to give a lecture on reflections of the Industrial Revolution in English Literature. Be sure to pay attention to the shoes; they should be made of soft leather and be of the same color as Baby’s trousers. If they are a shade lighter or darker this is fine, just make sure they are of the same color. Dark brown leather shoes will look charming with tan trousers, for example. If Baby is not wearing a sweater vest, the addition of suspenders and a necktie will prove to be absolutely precious. Accessories like pocket watches and cufflinks will also give your son that posh look.

In an article published by The Fashion Spot, the author presents parents with a few options for obtaining high-end fashion for their toddlers. If you want to dress your boy in Jean Paul Gaultier sailor stripes or in items by Gucci priced from $50 to $3,500, you certainly can. But now there are other options that are much more affordable than spending hundreds and thousands on clothes that Baby will quickly outgrow. The article informs readers that Diane von Furstenberg has launched a limited edition line for Gap Kids and Baby Gap. The author also goes on to educate readers that Target has launched a collection by Missioni that offers clothing for kids and babies.

As you can see, obtaining a high-end look for your toddler doesn’t mean you have to dress them to match Hollywood red carpet price tags. By going online and doing some smart shopping, and reading up on what current activities designers are involved in with major chain stores, you can dress your little toddler to look like he just handed the valet the keys to his little Porsche pedal-car.

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