5 fun outdoor activities for the whole family

Outdoor activities are a great solution when you want to keep your entire family entertained in a way that’s healthy, wholesome, and frugal all at the same time. Sure, you can always go see a movie or do something fun like that. But when you’re able to get everyone outside and enjoy the sunlight and fresh air, you can really have a good time connecting with nature and your family members at the same time. What’s nice is that some of the best outdoor activities for you and your family are very cost-effective. We’ll talk about some of the best ways to enjoy the fresh air and keep everyone entertained.

1. Set up a Scavenger Hunt. With a little bit of planning, you can set up an incredibly fun and nature-oriented scavenger hunt that your kids will absolutely love. Spend a day or two coming up with fun goals and objectives, and maybe even hide a few things in advance. Of course, you can always plan your scavenger hunt in a way that involves your kids finding things that are already in nature, making it a great learning experience, too.

2. Get Some Exercise! There are a lot of ways to get your family outside and get everyone’s blood pumping. Think about taking your spouse and kids out for an exciting hike! If you’ve got any foothills or nature trails in the area, this is a great way to have some healthy, fun times. Make sure you bring things like water and snacks so that everyone can keep their energy levels up and stay hydrated, of course. Another great way to exercise outside with the entire family is to find a fun bike trail and go for an afternoon ride. You can even just enjoy touring the nearby neighborhoods for a leisurely activity that the entire family enjoys.

3. Enjoy Activities in the Back & Front Yards. You can do plenty of fun stuff without even leaving your property. Why not enjoy making some sidewalk art on the driveway? A set of sidewalk chalk chalk doesn’t cost very much money at all, and will allow you and your kids to have some creative fun in the front yard. You can also do something as simple as planting a garden in your backyard to really encourage some healthy fun in the sun. Not only does this get you and your kids outside, but it will also help them learn about various plants and the ways they grow.

4. Visit the Park. Parks offer nearly unlimited potential when it comes to great outdoor activities that you and your family can enjoy. You can sit back and relax while your kids get some exercise on the playground equipment, or you can organize a family game of kickball on a nearby baseball diamond. You can fly some kites, have a picnic, or enjoy any number of fun outdoor activities when you visit the local park.

5. Plan a Weekend Camping Trip. If you’ve already got the equipment, a camping trip is an incredibly affordable way to enjoy a fun little nature-oriented vacation. If you don’t already have the gear, investing in some camping equipment makes it easy for you and your family to take little trips whenever the urge strikes you. Campsites are usually very affordable, meaning all you have to bring is food and firewood. Try looking up some of the campsites that are near your area, so you can show your kids some neat things they’ve never seen before. Getting outside and enjoying the fresh air is definitely a great way to connect with nature and your family at the very same time.


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