Are there more stupid accidents now?

SUMMARY: If there’s anything to take away from the movie Idiocracy, it’s that we’re all headed for a world where stupid people have out-bred and outnumbered smart ones. In reality, it only seems that that’s the case, but is it possible that there are more stupid accidents now than there used to be? Assuming that there are, what might be the cause?


Stupid Lawsuits

One factor that’s led to the outpouring of “stupid accidents” is the litigious nature of society. These are highly popularized cases, such as someone putting a hot cup of coffee between their legs and getting burned—then feeling justified in suing the company that sold them the coffee. In instances where it seems like common sense should be utilized, some people fail to do so and then lash out. With corporations adding warning labels to their products, you’d assume these kinds of claims would run out of steam—but so far, people are still creative enough to find new stupid accidents to sue over.




Perhaps it’s an “entitlement mentality” that leads people to believe that they can do whatever they want, whenever they want. Drive through a high school parking lot and you’ll find kids that walk right past your car without the first glance to see if you’re going to stop. Look on YouTube and you’ll find “Fail” videos where people try to skateboard off of their roof, and when it turns out exactly how you might expect, they call it an “accident.” These are people whose inhibitions seem perpetually dampened—if something occurs to them, they follow through it on a knee-jerk reaction.


Attention Deficit

The other possibility is that people aren’t capable of devoting 100% of their attention to what’s going on in front of them. That individual who put the coffee between his legs might have been absent-mindedly setting it down while he looked at his phone. People might casually glance down from the road to find their giant soda while they’re driving their car through a light that just turned red. The fast pace of today’s work environment, coupled with the constant availability of technology, just might be a perfect storm that makes it much harder for people to stay focused on what they’re doing.


The Solution?

What can you do to navigate a society of people who are always tired, hopped up on caffeine, and distracted by smartphones, television, and satellite radio? The best thing for it is to act defensively. Assume that other people might not be fully tuned in. Not only should you avoid the temptation to text someone while you’re on the road, but you should also be ready to react to other people who are doing it.

Hopefully, with your eyes open and a dose of good luck, you’ll avoid stupid accidents and pass on smart genes.

Erica is a freelance writer interested in the survivability of the human race and the occasional need an experienced and qualified Philadelphia injury lawyers. For more information about personal injury attorneys visit Carpey law.


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