Fun ways to break the news that you are pregnant

Are you having a new baby? Getting married? Have party plans? Do you have some big news to share with the ones you love (or work with)? Sharing milestones and other news is just one of the many ways we bond with those we care about. Good news shared with family and friends is what makes the world go round.

Seeing the surprised and delighted reactions from both kids and adults can be almost as good as the actual news, especially if you put some creative thought into how you tell them. Don’t just blurt it out, make a game of it instead!

Here a 5 fun ways to break the good news to adults and kids alike!

News Breakers

1. Fortune Cookies: This one works best for adults. If you have something special to share with a few close friends and/or family members host an Asian inspired lunch of dinner party — you can send out personalized announcements introducing the theme. At the end of the meal pass out fortune cookies telling each guest the tradition is for everyone to open them at the same time. Once everyone has one tell them to open it to reveal the fortune. There are many companies that will create custom message fortune cookies on-line.

2. Balloon Pop: This is great for adults and kids and requires a helium tank (you can get a party store in cahoots with you and use theirs). Depending on the announcement you can insert small pieces of paper in several balloons. On each put a single picture or word (or letter) that are clues to the surprise or letters/words to spell it out. Have the balloon floating in the room until you are ready for everyone to play. Gather them together and have them pop the balloons to get to the clues.

3. Scavenger Hunt: The Scavenger Hunt Guru can help you put a great scavenger hunt together for kids or a funky one for adults for free. Be sure to give person or team varying lists with different items to find (all of which are clues), but none of which really give away the secret without the others.

4. Radio Hijinks: If you have a big announcement that is only for one or a few other people, contact their favorite radio station and see if they are willing to make the announcement for you (or allow you to do it) on the air when you know the person(s) will be listening. If it’s a fun or interesting announcement you may have a good shot at getting it on-air.

Tell Them All at Once

5. Family Newsletter: If you find you are the family member that everyone turns to for news, you may want to consider putting together a monthly or quarterly family newsletter. It can be as easy or complicated as you’d like it to be. Newsletters are a great way to get a lot (or a little) information out to a lot of people all at once and a great way to keep in touch. Make a family newsletter your new family tradition!

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