5 family fun activities for summer

Any mom can tell you about the stress of trying to assuage their children’s discomfort during an extreme summer heat wave. You could sit inside all day long next to the air conditioner, or you can beat the summer heat by having some serious fun. There are a number of indoor and outdoor activities that can provide fun for the whole family, which is important when the outside temperature rises to untenable levels. When the temperatures rise, it is critical, especially for much younger children, to find ways to stave off the punishing warmth. Here are 5 fun activities to help your family beat the summer heat.

  1. Duck inside your nearest Cineplex for a fun movie watching experience. Most movie theaters keep their temperatures down to attract people trying to find shelter from extreme heat in the summertime, which makes it a perfect environment for children and parents alike. Just look in your local newspaper or online for the best new movies in theaters near you; and then grab some popcorn and relax. Who knows, you might even want to make it a double feature.
  2. Another great way to beat the summer heat is to head to the library. The library is a nice cool place with lots of fun activities for children. In fact, your local library might even hold a special children’s hour where someone from the library will read books and tell stories to kids. While your child is in the kid’s room, you can hang out in the magazine section for a nice relaxing break – from the heat and the kids.
  3. Next, find an indoor pool. Chances are that there is a local gym or spa with an outdoor pool. You might even have a friend with one if you live in an area where the temperatures oscillate between extreme cold and heat. If you do find a pool, make sure that it is cleaned regularly and free of things like mold and germs, because you don’t want to end up inadvertently giving your children ringworms or staph infections.
  4. There is also the option of heading to the park and sitting under the trees for a picnic. Parks, because of the trees and foliage, are typically much cooler than other areas, especially if you live in a town or city. Just bring a few picnic baskets, some fun games to play and some sandwiches and you’ll have everything you need for the ultimate family picnic.
  5. Lastly, why not get out of town? One of the greatest ways to beat the heat is to migrate and the best place to migrate to is definitely the beach. Wherever the closest beach is, it might be worth your while to head in that direction so that your family can beat the summer heat. Summer can be a blast, but only if you stay safe from the extreme heat, which makes the beach, with the cool ocean breeze and the sand, the ideal location. Just make sure to grab some towels, swimwear and plenty of sunblock.


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