5 stress reduction activities for moms

Being a Mom is a full time job. Between chauffeuring kids around, cleaning up messes, cooking dinner and juggling a career, you are left feeling exhausted and stressed! While it’s hard to step away from all of these responsibilities, it is important to make time for you. Let loose and have a little fun. Trying some new fun activities should be scheduled into your planner ASAP. Make yourself a priority and take a time out to try one (or all) of these fun and therapeutic ways to de-stress and add some excitement to your life!

  1. Try a new fitness class. Between soccer practice and violin lessons, it’s hard to remember that you need to keep your body healthy. However, dragging yourself to the elliptical doesn’t seem too appealing after a long day. Switch it up! Most gyms offer a variety of classes. You could try a Zumba class for a “club-like” dance party. Be silly and get your groove on! Or you could try yoga to help calm your nerves and become more centered. Yoga will help you stretch out any tense muscles and encourage you focus on breathing and meditation. This is a great way to reconnect to yourself for “me” time. Another option is to try a kickboxing class to kick that stress and any pent up aggression. You will leave feeling strong and accomplished. Any of these classes will up your endorphins and help you feel better and more positive instead of stressed out.
  2. Take a spa day! Pamper yourself at the spa. Get a manicure and pedicure since you haven’t in forever! You could even try a soothing massage to rub out the kinks or a facial to rejuvenate your skin. Whatever you choose to do, you will feel fresh and relaxed. This will prepare you to put your best polished foot forward during the upcoming week! Or, if you can’t get to the spa and are on a budget, take a nice bubble bath and soak! Make sure to hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.
  3. Reveal your artistic side. Maybe you’ve always loved art but haven’t had time to pursue it. Or perhaps you have never even tapped in to your creative side at all. Whatever the case may be, taking an art class can be a fun way to let loose and discover another side of yourself. You could enroll in a class at a contemporary ceramics studio, make pottery or jewelry, take up a painting course, learn a new musical instrument, or even try creative writing in a workshop to express your emotions.
  4. Get outside! The kids run around in the yard all day, but what about you? Connecting with nature is essential to a positive outlook on life. Take a simple walk or even go hiking if you’re up for the challenge. Explore a new park and take in the foliage and animals you see. Bring a friend along, or take time to meditate outdoors on your own.
  5. Don’t just reconnect with yourself; reconnect with your friends as well! It’s important to keep important people in your life, regardless of schedules. Whether you meet up during your lunch break, grab a coffee, or chat while the kids are napping, having a companion to catch up with and vent to is priceless and can help keep you grounded and sane.

With everything going on in your busy day, it’s hard to get a break to spend time with yourself. When you can, make time to reconnect with yourself, nature, and friends. Try something new that will get you excited like a class at a contemporary ceramics studio, a Zumba class, or a writing workshop. All of these things will help you to de-stress and find joy in your crazy, wonderful life as a mom!


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