Best natural supplements for women

Everyone suffers from stress. Whether you’re a working woman or a stay at home mom, you’re bound to find yourself in a stressful situation one way or another. You can try yoga, pilates and cardio, but these activities don’t always make handling stress easier.

What many women today are doing is relying on natural supplements in order to manage their stress and prevent potential diseases on a cellular level. Here’s a list of five of the most used, stress relieving natural supplements on the market that women absolutely need to have in their medicine cabinet!



Sometimes, too much stress can cause alertness, insomnia, obsessive thoughts and restless nights. Not getting enough sleep can potentially weaken the immune system and add to a crabby mood. Melatonin can help! This supplement helps relax the body while easing anxiety. Make sure to take an hour before bedtime for an amazing 8-hour restful sleep.



Another symptom of stress is headaches. We’ve all encountered stressful situations that leave us with a pounding migraine. One of the best ways to battle this symptom is by taking a B6 vitamin. In stressful conditions, the naturally occurring B-vitamins in our bodies get depleted, and this require replenishing. This depletion due to stress often leads to tension headaches and migraines. B6 is best taken with a combination of other B-vitamins, like B-2.



Whether it’s neck pain, shoulder pain or discomfort in the pelvic area, pain is usually an effect of stress. You can decrease these effects by keeping your muscles relaxed during stressful situations. Curicumin is also a great way to ease the symptom of pain brought on by stress! Widely known as an anti-inflammatory, Curicumin is a tumeric extract that both prevents pain from worsening and increases immune system thresholds to prevent and manage pain.



One of the most common stress symptoms is anger, rage and anxiety. If you’ve ever been in a stressful situation and you suddenly snapped at someone, you know the level of irritability stress can induce. These outbursts are the way our bodies expresses anxiety. Although perfectly natural, it’s also a mood killer that is probably not socially acceptable.

Luckily, there’s a solution to deal with stress induced-irritability: theanine. This natural supplement is a part of the herbal relaxants family, which helps relax the mind and tunes down anger and negative emotions. It’s a practical supplement, and it’s handy to take along with you in long plane rides or stuffy road trips.



You may have noticed that the more stressed you are, the more you are likely to fall ill. It’s common for the body’s immunity to drop as stress levels raise. Biologically, stress has proven to deplete essential vitamins and nutrients that are used as building block for our immune system. This is why it’s important to replenish our body with the nutrients we’ve lost during episodes of stress as well as consumer supplements that will help us prevent disease when these nutrients become depleted.

A supplement known to be a natural life extender is called as astragalus. Daily intake of this natural substance helps keep viruses and bacteria at bay. It’s certainly one of the strongest immune-boosting supplements on the market today.

Managing stress can be difficult. However, by having the aforementioned supplements handy, you’ll be able to suppress it’s uncomfortable symptoms while you learn to physically manage your stress levels. Make sure to have these must-have stress symptom relievers in your medicine cabinet! You’ll thank me later.

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