5 advantages of a private school education

There used to be a time when people thought of private school education as simply something that wealthy parents aspired for their children to have, but no longer is that the case. As a matter of fact, according to several reports, there are close to 4.5 million children attending private school within the United States. And even with the cost of elementary school tuition being close to $8,000 per year and secondary education being around $13,000, it’s still a sacrifice that many parents are willing to make.

If you’re curious to know why so many people prefer a private school education to a public school one for their kids, we’ve enclosed five reasons why this is the case below:

private school education

Private schools provide an excellent education. If you ask just about any parent why they chose to put their child in private school, they’re probably going to tell you that they felt their son or daughter would get a far more superior education than in public school and actually, there are statistics to support the fact that they would be right. Private schools go to great lengths to insure that their students are well-prepared for each level of education from first graduate through college.

Private schools have a lower teacher-to-student ratio. One of the frustrating things about a lot of public schools is the overcrowding in the classrooms. No matter how good a teacher may be, if they have 25-30 students, it’s going to be hard for them to give each student the kind of attention that they each deserve. Being that many private schools have a significantly lower teacher-to-student ratio than public schools do, this makes the learning environment much easier.

Private schools cater to certain preferences. By that, we mean this. If you’re someone who is a Christian and you’d like for your child to have a Christian education, you can find several Christian private schools within your area. The same goes for if you would like your child to attend and all-boy or all-girl school or one that specializes in a certain kind of academia.

Private schools have a more disciplined atmosphere. Another thing that private schools pride themselves in is providing more of a disciplined atmosphere when it comes to academics and also conduct. Also, due to the lower amount of students in the classrooms, the administration is able to have more of a consistent and intimate level of communication with the parents, which also helps the students to thrive in a private school atmosphere.

Private schools tend to have higher standards. According to a study that was conducted by the U.S. Department of Education, while private schools require their students have 3.1 years of math and 1.5 years of a foreign language, public schools require 2.7 years of math and only one semester of a foreign language. It’s clear that private schools, as a whole, better prepare students for a college education and ultimately a professional career. So, whether you’re thinking about putting your child into a school like Lamplighter Montessori School or some other kind of private school, although it is a huge financial sacrifice in order to do so, look at it even more as a truly wise investment into your child’s future.


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