Why Buy a PlayStation 3

With a new PlayStation 4 console released just last year, this is the time to think about buying a PlayStation 3 for your family: it’s still a really up to date and cutting edge games console, but the price will have fallen recently because there’s a newer model. Of course, there’s more to a PlayStation 3 than price!


It’s still current

There might be a new kid on the block, but Sony are still making games for this console. You have many of the favorites for the console as well, such as PlayStation 3 versions of the Call of Duty, Fifa and Grand Theft Auto series. In a nutshell, your kids will be just as cool as those kids at school with the newest, most expensive games, but you’ll be spending a lot less money than the parents of the kid with the PS4.


Many games to choose from

There’s a huge variety of games available for the PS3, along with some exclusive titles for just this console and no others. For older kids, the new Grand Theft Auto, Bioshock Infinite, the Last of Us and Batman: Arkham City have been rated very highly. For younger children, games such as Little Big Planet 2 and Toy Story 3 are tremendous fun, with multiplayer options and crisp graphics.

playstation 4


Multiple Uses

What’s interesting about the PlayStation 3 is that it has multiple functions: it’s not just a games console — it’s also an excellent media center in general.

Blu-ray DVDs: If someone in your family is a film buff but doesn’t care for video games, they can still get excited about owning a PS3, since the PS3 plays Blu-ray DVDs. You can have the clear high definition quality of Blu-ray movies without the hefty price tag of a Blu-ray DVD player.

Stream movies: As well as playing Blu-ray discs, the PS3 streams videos, audio, and photos to your television wirelessly. Fantastic! You can watch YouTube videos, and listen to music all through your TV with the PS3. You can also use the PS3’s hard drive to store movie files and audio.


Parental controls

If you’re a parent, you might have reservations about the suitability of the games your kids are playing — and there are some pretty violent games out there. Luckily, the company has taken this into consideration and incorporated parental controls that you can use to ensure that your children aren’t playing games above their age range. They also restrict the use of the internet and DVDs above their age range, so content for mature audiences can’t be viewed by children. All content is restricted with one password, so you can still use the PS3 for games once the kids have gone to bed!


So yeah, the cool kids might have a PlayStation 4, but with the savings you can make by going for a PlayStation 3, you can be just as cool.


Image by Reinis Traidas, used under Creative Commons license.



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