Investing in the right Vacuum Cleaner for your Home

Buying the right vacuum for your home can make a huge difference when you are cleaning. It depends on how big your house is and what type of mess you will have to deal with. Do you have pets? A baby? Here are some top recommended vacuums that can help you minimize your cleaning time and keep your house looking spotless. There are many things to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner such as suction, bag size, and the extra attachments involved.

Check out the Ladybug vapor steam cleaner. It is great chemical free steam cleaners that transform water into steam vapor for effective cleaning. I loved it for the fact that it is perfectly safe for my children as there are no chemicals involved during the cleaning process.  It is quite light which makes it easy to move around. Price wise, it is not the cheapest but to me, it is definitely value for money.

The Hoover EmPower vacuum is a bagless and budget vacuum cleaner that is priced at $100. It sucks up and collects dust in a removable bin and saves you money because you are not purchasing constant replacement bags. It weighs approximately 20 pounds and has a reputation of being an outstanding product for years. This vacuum always receives its’ bonus points for durability, pet hair cleaning tool, five different settings, but is not considered as noise-free as the other suggested vacuums.

A great vacuum called the Kenmore Progressive is priced at $280 and there is less difficulty in pushing and carrying it around. It weighs around 20 pounds and has a bagless feature as well. It has also been known to work extremely well on upholstery and the stairs.

The Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner is well known and is priced at around $500. It is a high end vacuum that is well put together, as well as high tech. It now comes in four different versions. It is pricy, but known to do the job and pick up large amounts of dust, dirt and pet hair.

For $150 you can buy the iRobot Roomba vacuum. It isn’t a heavy duty vacuum cleaner like the others, but people have stated that it does the job. It is more compact and can fit into certain household areas easily. It is light in weight so you can move around well with it without heavy lifting or straining. It is more like a fun vacuum for fun cleaning. Turn up the tunes and have a blast while making your house spotless.

It is always smart to stick with the top companies that have a solid reputation as being a number one leader in a cleaning tool. They are durable and have warrantees and will never leave you disappointed. Research before you invest in any large purchases for your home.

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