Can You Tone Your Breasts?

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Technically, no. Many moms wonder if saggy breasts are inevitable and if breasts can be firmed or toned. In this case, you may have to embrace your sag because, unlike your arms or legs, breasts cannot be shaped or toned. Breasts are made of milk-producing glands, tissue and fat—not muscles. Many people assume breastfeeding is main culprit for saggy breasts—but actually it’s pregnancy and the natural effects of gravity and movement. Therefore, no mom is safe. Sagging is inevitable, however, you can help support your breasts by toning your chest and pectoral muscles.

Exercise regularly and incorporate strength training exercises that target your pectoral muscles, also known as your “pecs.” Dumbbell raises, isometric contractions and dumbbell chest presses are good choices. There are also many yoga poses designed to strengthen your chest muscles. Consult with a personal trainer to devise a plan to target your chest muscles. (And, be sure to talk to your health care provider before starting an exercise routine.)

Protect your breasts from the negative effects of excessive movement by wearing a correctly-sized bra. Yes, emphasize correctly-sized bra. In other words, don’t walk around wearing a B or C cup when you’re really an A cup. Every cup size is beautiful so wear the one that’s right for you. Have a professional bra fitter measure you for the correct size.

Also, hydrate your skin with moisturizer and stand up straight. Poor posture only increases gravity’s negative effects.

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