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The Step-family Awaits

I was so excited to be going home...finally. It had been a long couple of days and I was glad it was behind me. I was alive and I had a beautiful new … [Read more...]

Did I Die Yet? (#7)

During the transfusion my body kept trying to fall asleep but I wouldn’t succumb. If I shut my eyes I had no guarantee that I’d be able to open them … [Read more...]

I Needed A Blood Transfusion (#6)

The blood clots had been removed and I thought everything was fine. Boy was I wrong. I just kept on losing blood. When the doctor finally came in to … [Read more...]

Of Course I was Bleeding (#5)

Later that evening, after getting some much needed sleep, I really needed to pee. I sat up, tried to stand up, but quickly realized it wasn't going to … [Read more...]

Strong Women= No Epidural (#4)

Strong women have babies the natural way-- without an epidural. As I lay on that cold, hard table with my legs spread uncomfortably apart and cold … [Read more...]


At three a.m. when my water broke, I was caught by surprise(who isn't). After I realized that I didn't wet the bed, I woke my boyfriend who found it … [Read more...]


At 16, highschool socializing became a thing of the past for me. I could no longer do the things my friends were doing so I had to find new people to … [Read more...]