Baby Boy

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My Husband, the Unexpected Family Man

When I met my husband, Mike, he was a single man. Divorced for a few years without children, it was just two Senegal parrots, two old cats and Mike in … [Read more...]

Swaddling Baby Twins for a Better Sleep

When multiples have trouble sleeping, their parents do, too. And the effects of sleep deprivation can be extremely acute on one’s mental and physical … [Read more...]

Great Gift Ideas for Parents (or Parents-to-Be) of Multiples

Are you going to a baby shower for someone expecting twins? Or do you need a great gift idea for your cousin who just had multiples? It’s hard to know … [Read more...]

Twins at Play

One of the advantages of having twins is that your children always have someone to play with. For the first three years of my twins’ lives, I didn’t … [Read more...]

Entertaining Twins During the Holiday Break

Of course, all families look forward to the holiday break when the stresses of school are put aside, but having the kids home from school offers new … [Read more...]

When Twins Are Sick

Welcome to the cold and flu season. It’s inevitable . . . if one twin gets sick, the other is soon to follow! Twins spend so much time together that … [Read more...]

Adventures in Twin Pregnancy

Anyone who’s been pregnant with twins or higher-order multiples knows it’s a very stressful time. They don’t call it a “high-risk” pregnancy without … [Read more...]

Twins Are a Blessing!

Have you ever had someone say to you enviously, “I always wanted to have twins”? After a long day of chasing after your own, your first inclination … [Read more...]

Twins and “Disputed Memories”

I just read a fascinating article in the November/December 2006 issue of TWINS magazine that described a phenomenon among twins that I had never heard … [Read more...]