Waterslides and Dragons!

Where can you find waterslides and dragons? Can you say The Great Wolf Lodge in PA. As we drove around the bend of the hill my husband’s mouth … [Read more...]

A Lesson For All Parents

Calling all parents…what or how should you teach your child about other kids that may be different from them? In my experiences with my daughter, and … [Read more...]

Frustrated with Feeding Therapy

I thought I'd give you a little background on an issue my family has been dealing with for more than a year now. My 3 year-old is in feeding therapy. … [Read more...]

Cleaning for Stress Relief?

At what point in my life did cleaning become cathartic? I have always hated cleaning - still do. So why is it when I get stressed out or really angry … [Read more...]

Birthday Party Crashing

A few Sunday’s ago, the kids and I were upset because Dad decided to go play golf on family day. To placate the situation, he left me some money so I … [Read more...]

Laker’s Man

My oldest son now 8 was 2 yrs old at the time trying to sing the patty cake song it went like this "patty cake patty cake lakers man". Yes we were … [Read more...]

Peanut M&M’s

My 4-year old son was enjoying a small bag of peanut M&M's one day when he enthusiastically offered one to me. I told him no thank you and his … [Read more...]

Is there a baby in there, too?

I was 8 months pregnant with baby number 4, when my 2-year old son walked into my bedroom while I was dressing. Seeing me standing there with only … [Read more...]