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Style & Beauty

How to Have Younger Looking Skin

The key to youth and beauty begins with the skin. The skin can really tell the story of your life. Like the tell-tale rings in a tree stump, the age … [Read more...]

Natural Beauty Recipes: A Frugal, Natural Gal’s Solution

After having my first child, I became concerned about the products that came into contact with my baby's (and my) skin. Since then I've learned a lot … [Read more...]

How to Look Great With Kids in Tow

There are plenty of ways to continue looking great during all stages of motherhood. It is important to pay attention to your health during pregnancy … [Read more...]

Combat Your Dry, Winter Skin

Our skin can be very sensitive so we must take steps to protect it. Wintertime can make you especially prone to dry skin problems. Help your skin to … [Read more...]

How to Steal and Return a Banned Outfit

It’s Saturday night. There is a big party at the Recreation Center. You have nothing to wear. Sure, there is the same old navy polka-dot knee high … [Read more...]

Throw Out Your Anti Aging Wrinkle Creams And Take A Look At This

photo credit: Caitlinator Do you ever feel like you have to use a dozen different anti wrinkle creams just to fight the signs of aging on your … [Read more...]

Busy Moments Call For Great Fragrances

Being a mom is both challenging and rewarding. New mothers are often over-tired, and sometimes covered in that new baby smell, not all of it pleasant. … [Read more...]

Pettiskirt Craze

These aren't your old fashion petticoats! Kaiya Eve has given the petticoat a makeover and now pettiskirts are a must have fashion item for little … [Read more...]

A Guide to Combination Skin

photo credit: Bombone Combination skin is an entire, separate skin type all in its own. Combination skin is neither completely normal, dry, or oily, … [Read more...]

A Guide to Oily Skin

photo credit: said&done Of all the various types of skin, skin that's chronically oily is perhaps the most difficult to deal with. Everyone has … [Read more...]