Ways to save money on thanksgiving dinner

The holidays, they wait for no one, and even when the economy is keeping us down, it’s still important that we remember to get together with family and celebrate the connections that keep us warm when the days get a little colder. Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year for us to get together with our loved ones, and this should be done whether we’re experiencing times of plenty or not. Sometimes, though, we can find ourselves landed with the task of hosting the Thanksgiving Day festivities, and really just not have the money for it. It can happen to the best of us, and when we find ourselves in this type of situation, we can use the help absolutely anywhere we can get it. Thankfully enough, if you’re about to host a pretty sizeable crowd for your Thanksgiving Day festivities, you’ve got a pretty sizeable support network right there in front of you. There’s no reason everybody can’t come together to make Thanksgiving something special, and when we’re able to do this, everybody wins. There’s still a little something extra that comes along with being a host or hostess when the holiday season rolls around, so we’ll talk about the best ways to have a big old Thanksgiving Day shindig on a shoestring budget that doesn’t wind up breaking the bank.

For one thing, have everyone get in on the fun. Seriously, if you have a pot luck, it’ll only cost you a lot less, but it’ll cut down significantly on your workload both before and after the big event. You can even make a game or a party out of the process by which you figure out what everyone is going to bring, or you can leave it up to the guests — whatever your flavor, the pot luck is a super fun way for everyone to contribute and make sure no one bears the financial burden of feeding a huge group of people all by themselves.

Cut down on unnecessary decorations, if you can. Just put out what you have, and when you don’t need something — don’t buy it! Unnecessary purchases are one of the toughest things to resist when you’re really trying to make your house look great for that impending company, but if you’re trying to tighten the belt, it’s important to remember that you’ve to to simply make do with what’s already around the house.

Another great way to save some money? Celebrate outdoors! You’d be surprised at how much you can cut down on that energy consumption when you have everyone get together during the day and meet up outdoors. This also leaves a nice and comfortable window in the evening for those extensive turkey naps that are sure to follow the big meal. Whether you use a site like webcouponcodes.com to save on your meal, or simply encourage everyone to bring something so you don’t have to buy as much, there are a ton of ways to cut costs and host your party on a budget this holiday season.


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