Discover the vapur anti-bottle for thirst-quenching

Feelin’ thirsty? Innovate the way you hydrate with, the eco-sustainable leader in the collapsible water bottle market. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, gym-goer, traveler or student, these light, soft, easy-to-carry bottles outshine the competition in both form and function, making it easy to drink and stay spill-free when you’re on the move. Even freeze them for super-cold water or to use as an icepack. How’s that for dual-purpose efficiency?

Each thirst-quenching vessel can stand alone when filled, and can be rolled, folded, and flattened when empty, making it a real space-saver when not in use, and a smart choice when traveling. Just roll it up and pop it in a pocket or bag to take on a plane, no problem. Tired of carrying bulky bottles to water refill stations? Instead, just reach in your pocket, unroll your Vapur vessel and fill it up.

They’re available in a wide array of styles and sizes, from fun to tough-looking, in sporty colors ranging from bright to dark. Some styles, including Limited Editions and the Artist Series even feature cool prints and designs. Check out the colorful Quencher bottle for kids, complete with sticker sheets and add-ons for extra personalization. Visit the site to learn more about the Element, Eclipse and other styles.

The handy carabiner makes it easy to attach these bottles to a belt-loop, backpack, bike, saddle and other gear. Plus, they’ve been proven to stand up to temperature extremes, even the grueling sub-zero temperatures of the Antarctic. Unlike rigid plastic bottles, Vapur bottles are much more comfortable when carried on the body, and if they’re dropped, typically, they do not crack or dent. If you want to wash your Vapur bottle, you’ll be happy to know, they’re hand-washable and dishwasher safe.

If you care about your health, green-living and the environment, Vapur’s got the “eco-creds.” These green and mighty, reusable “anti-bottles” are a great eco-friendly choice. Using them helps keep discarded hard plastic bottles out of landfills, oceans and other waterways. They’re BPA-free and constructed of triple-layer plastic. The innermost part of these drinking vessels are made of FDA-approved stain-resistant polyethylene, ensuring your water will always taste fresh and be odor-free. It’s also bonded to double-layered nylon for extra strength, durability and puncture-resistance.

Also, you can feel good knowing, Vapur won the 2010 Silver Award for Sustainability and Environmental Achievement, a stellar statement about their green business practices that include using less energy to produce and ship. Browse the site to see more on their water refill station initiative, dedicated to making college campuses greener across the country. Oh, and all bottles are Made in the USA so raise your Vapur anti-bottle and say “cheers” to American innovation.

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