6 Foods To Help Weight Loss Efforts

Nutritionists suggest many foods that are common for having healthy ingredients. Presence of these foods at the recommended lists means you can go for them without any fear. Still there are some foods that don’t get the right attention of nutritionists as well as consumers.

It’s not an easy decision to choose the foods that are healthy and that are also stomach fulfilling. Salads are good for the overall health of a person. How to categorize foods that are healthy for both men and women? Here are some good suggestions!

  1. Lentils And Beans – most of the times people ignore these food items while shopping for a grocery store’ that’s a big mistake. Beans have essential nutrients like zinc, iron, complex, fiber, potassium, protein, and magnesium. It is recommended by experts that beans and lentils should never be overlooked at a grocery store. Sodium content in ban can be lowered if these are rinsed completely in water. LDL and weight loss can be achieved through legume consumption.
  2. Eat Water Melon – fruit of summer. People avoid this due t the fact that it is considered in sugar. This fruit is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, lycopene, and potassium. It also fulfills the fluid needs of a body due to high water content. Pesticides don’t affect the fruit due to its thick peel.
  3. Sweet Potatoes – these are not rich in sugar or carbs as the name shows. These are declared as best nutritional vegetables one can have in his/her diet. These are also rich in beta carotene, fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. by eating this vegetable, a person can think of low calorie intake per day.
  4. Red Cabbage – this vegetable is rich in vitamin D, A, K, minerals, and fiber. One cup chopped red cabbage has just 22 calories. Due to anti oxidant properties, it is helpful in fighting against cancer and many other diseases. A person can eat the vegetable in any form of his choice lie raw or cooked.
  5. Tomatoes In Canned Form – it is thought that eating fresh tomatoes is good for health, but another fact is that eating cooked tomatoes provide lycopene that is a disease fighting agent. Use canned tomatoes n pizza, sauce, and salsa to have the real and healthy taste. If you don’t like canned tomatoes then go for low-sodium vegetable juice that is rich in potassium and vitamin C.
  6. Plain Yogurt – yogurt is available in many forms, but fat free and plain yogurt are the best options if you want to keep the calorie intake in controlled limits. Yogurt is always rich in potassium, vitamin B 12, Vitamin B 6, zinc, calcium, and protein. Greek yogurt is thicker and creamier due to straining out of liquid whey. It has double protein compared to other yogurt forms. Avoid consuming extra calories that are present in other yogurt forms by preferring Greek yogurt because it helps in weight loss efforts due to high protein content.

Are these foods included in your daily diet for weight loss efforts? If not then you are really missing something very important and also making your struggle harder to get back the slim body. Switch toward cost effective and healthy foods that are rich in all the essential ingredients and also have the weight loss properties.

Health comes first and then all other things – make it your motto

Author Bio:

Aimee Sparker-professional Health writer. Presently, working for Nationwide Synergy Inc with the aim of make both men and women “Young for longer years” with healthy mind and body.NSI deals in hormone replacement therapy, HGH and low testosterone treatment to bring hormonal balance among hormone lacking patients.

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